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My 3 Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil

April 24, 2017
My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1

One way I manage my curly, frizzy hair is by using hair oil. It tames fly aways, nourishes dry ends and smoothes out my hair for a sleeker look. I have three different ways that I like to use hair oil and they’re super easy for you to implement: Pre-treatment: I literally cover my hair from top to bottom in hair oil. You can use any oil – even coconut oil – but I tend to use Phyto Elixir as it’s…

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Pale Is The New Tan

April 21, 2017
Pale Is The New Tan - - @viciloves1

I don’t understand the need to look tan all the time. Yeah sure, I love a nice Miami beach tan. But whatever happened to just embracing your natural skin tone? When I was getting married I thought about getting a tan beforehand and I decided not to. I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day and not have an unnatural skin color on me. I’m not judging the people who do get a spray tan for their wedding…

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When You Look Younger Than Your Age

April 20, 2017
When You Look Younger Than Your Age - - @viciloves1

Oh the joys of being mistaken for a teenage high school student! If you’re reading this and indeed are a teenage high school student, no offense. But as a soon to be 27 year old, married, college educated and career focused woman, it’s not that fun. It’s actually really annoying and yes, I do get defensive about it. I’ll leave out the rather condescending (and rude) comments I’ve received over the years but for the most part, strangers think I barely…

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Spring Blooms

April 14, 2017
Spring Blooms - - @viciloves1

It’s been a bit quiet on VL and it’s all due to a lack of inspiration – just being honest with you. Any creative can identify with this and I don’t like to churn out a blog post if it doesn’t feel right to me. Last week we had lots of rain in D.C. and the weather not only affects the lighting for shooting and filming, but also my mood. Then on Thursday, I was working in the studio and just after…

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