Decorating Our Front Steps


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our home exactly four months. So far we’ve repaired some of the exterior and spent time getting the yard in good shape. We’ve gotten rid of three trees, several weeds, bushes and are working on growing our grass better. I’ve yet to put effort into decorating the interior because I’m trying to feel out the space. When it comes to interiors, I love so many different designs that I’m taking my time…

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Early Fall Uniform - - @viciloves1

The Early Fall Uniform You Need To Wear

The fall has been incredible so far. Comfortably warm weather, sunshine and leaves falling. It’s that time of year where it’s too warm for a jacket yet too cold not have a little something. Enter the early fall uniform you need to wear: a…

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Best Things About Fall - - @viciloves1

Best Things About Fall

Where do I even begin? September marks the beginning of coziness, brisk temperatures and of course, everything pumpkin. The humid months of summer are long forgotten and football season is back. Ever since I moved from Switzerland to the US, I’ve fallen in love…

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Origins Skincare At Tysons Corner - - @viciloves1

Origins Skincare at Tysons Corner

Last Friday I attended the store opening of Origins Skincare at Tysons Corner Mall. I use their Drink Up Intensive Mask religiously (last seen here) and have been a loyal fan of the brand since before I even started this blog! Origins kindly sent over…

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Best Coffee Shops In Alexandria - - @viciloves1

Best Coffee Shops In Alexandria

I’ve lived in Alexandria (Virginia) for four years now and one of the many things I love about it? We’ve got the best coffee shops in Alexandria. We have such an amazing variety that there’s truly something for everyone. If you don’t know where…

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Nordstrom Beauty Products Under 50 - - @viciloves1

Nordstrom Beauty Products Under $50

Nordstrom is my go-to department store. Free shipping and free returns? Yes please. While I mainly shop in the clothing section, the beauty department can’t be overlooked. It offers many major brands plus a few that aren’t widely available. Some Nordstrom beauty products are…

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Blog Societies Conference - - @viciloves1

2017 Blog Societies Conference

Last year I attended the Blog Societies Conference in Charleston and had an incredible time. This year the conference took place in Chicago and I knew I wanted to go again. Aside of the obvious networking that you do – I love me some networking…

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Take Care Shop DC - - @viciloves1

Take Care Shop DC

A couple of weeks ago I got to attend a preview of Take Care Shop DC. It’s the first independently owned, natural, plant based lifestyle shop in the city. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful interior and dreamy decor. Within minutes I…

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End Of Summer - - @viciloves

End Of Summer

It just hit me yesterday that I don’t like the summer as much as thought I did. Sure, the sun is always out and you can eat outside more. But there’s that fine line between feeling comfortable and absolutely miserable outside. I’ve experienced a…

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