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Exfoliating For Glowing Skin

February 24, 2017
Exfoliating For Glowing Skin - Viciloves - @Viciloves1

Some things just don’t sound exciting, like exfoliating. For years it left a bad taste in my mouth because the products I used were too harsh on my skin. Even though I would have greatly benefited from it, I never prioritized it in my skincare regiment. Then a few months ago my friend Ada (from Alchimie Forever) introduced me to her gentle antioxidant refining scrub. I was hooked from the minute I tried it and not just because it does a great…

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My Mary Poppins Bag

February 22, 2017
Mary Poppins Bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy - Viciloves - @Viciloves1

Last weekend I attended the Blog Societies Workshop and I was in the mood to switch up my daily handbag. I turned to my trusted friend Louis as I’ve worn this Speedy Bag for countless occasions. From going to the office to dancing late at night, it’s truly become my Mary Poppins bag. The leather gets softer and better with age and the amount of stuff I’m able to cram in there is incredible. Everything from a second pair of shoes to my…

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72 Hours In Miami Beach

February 20, 2017
72 Hours In Miami Beach - Travel - - @Viciloves1

The first time I went to Miami I was on a big trip through the US with my best friend. We stayed ten days, made incredible memories and I have yet to get that tan again. This time around I accompanied Greg on his business trip and spent my 72 hours in Miami Beach enjoying The Fontainbleau Resort. As an introvert I love spending time alone and making my own plans for the day. The property itself is huge and I tried…

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Beauty Travel

10 Travel Beauty Essentials

February 17, 2017
Travel Beauty Essentials

Aside of the usual suspects (moisturizer, toothbrush, etc), I’ve got a few travel beauty essentials that I take with on every trip. They’re strategic choices that work for me and make my traveling less stressful. Cleansing Balm: This cleansing balm gets rid of all my makeup, cleanses and moisturizes my face and best of all? It’s not a liquid! I don’t have to worry about spillage or travel limits. Makeup Brushes: Specifically this all over face brush (for foundation/concealer), this…

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