How I Store My Makeup

September 9, 2016
How I Store My Makeup

How I Store My MakeupHow I Store My Makeup

It’s been one of my most requested topics to cover and I’m thrilled to finally share with you how I store my makeup! On my Facebook page you may have seen the blog post I wrote for the Container Store (read it here) and I wanted to share a second part to the post on my blog.

While not everyone has the space for a vanity table it’s very important to keep your collection organized and neat. Products should be separated by type (face, eyes, cheeks, etc), by color (especially for lip products) or by brand if you prefer.

The best way to store your makeup is in clear containers. That can either mean organizers that sit on top of a surface or using clear drawer inserts. It makes a big difference having translucent storage as it not only looks light and airy, it also makes you see all your products. It’s hard to forget what you have when you can see it all at once. I use a combination of both and it’s helped me keep track of all the products I own.

I organized my makeup like this a few weeks ago and since then I’ve noticed a big difference in the way I get ready in the morning. No longer do I have to rummage through the drawer to find what I’m looking for. I have everything at a glance and can pick and choose what I’d like to use that day. It makes sense to organize your makeup in a practical way because you’ll not only use it more often, it’ll also be more fun to play around with. I’ve rediscovered my love for certain eyeshadow colors, primers and other products that I haven’t used in ages. Now they’re in a less cluttered environment and I can appreciate my entire collection a lot more.

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How I Store My MakeupHow I Store My MakeupHow I Store My Makeup

How I Store My Makeup

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  • Loved this post! You look beautiful, and that truly does seem like the best way to store makeup. I have a tiny little acrylic drawer but this is motivating me to up my game! Of course the Container Store comes through :)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! I’m the same way, as soon as I see someone else really organized with something, I’m like “I need to do it too!” :-) Love me some home organization inspiration :-) xx – V