My 3 Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil

April 24, 2017
My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1

My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1

One way I manage my curly, frizzy hair is by using hair oil. It tames fly aways, nourishes dry ends and smoothes out my hair for a sleeker look. I have three different ways that I like to use hair oil and they’re super easy for you to implement:

Pre-treatment: I literally cover my hair from top to bottom in hair oil. You can use any oil – even coconut oil – but I tend to use Phyto Elixir as it’s for ultra dry hair. I don’t have ULTRA dry hair but since it’s color treated, I don’t mind that extra hydration. I do try to focus it more on the middle of my head / ends of my hair. But because I have really frizzy hair, I run any excess from my hands on to the tops of my head. Depending on the oil you’ll want to try out what works best for you. Make sure you properly wash out the oil in the shower, and use a shampoo but NO conditioner. Otherwise your hair will be too saturated with moisture and it will leave your hair oily. I’ve been there.

My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1My Favorite Ways To Use Hair Oil - - @viciloves1

Pre-styling: If I don’t use it as a pre-treatment, I’ll apply hair oil in damp hair after the shower. I use one or two pumps, run my hands together a couple of times and run it gently through my hair. The Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil has been my favorite for years because it smoothes and UV/ heat protects. When I travel it’s nice to pack hair oil because I can use it as a pre-styling or post-styling product.

Post-styling: That leads me into my third way of using hair oil. Once I’m all done with styling, I run a small pump through my hands again and focus the oil solely on my ends and fly aways. Especially around my face I get lots of fly aways so I gently run my hands through them. If I ever feel like my hair is looking too oily, I’ll use a bit of dry shampoo or texturizing spray to give my hair more grit again.

I don’t use all of the three methods together, I usually do one or the other. But like I said, if I’m in a pinch while traveling I know I can use hair oil in multiple ways. Do you use hair oil as part of your regiment? What’s your favorite way to use it?


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