How To Wear A Duster Coat

May 2, 2017
How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1

How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1

Last year I finally bought my first duster coat. I had admired that style for years but could never picture how I’d wear it in real life. It’s so long. And it’s a coat, so it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold when wearing it, right? I figured I’d just have to jump into it and see how I’d wear a duster coat from there.

Now 9 months later, I’ve worn this Topshop duster coat (similar here) countless times (including this blog post). I wear a lot of solid, basic colored shirts and pants. Having a statement duster coat in my closet couldn’t be more perfect because it spruces up that basic-ness. I’ve worn it with a white t-shirt, black pants and slip-ons for a more casual outing. But recently, I decided to take it up a notch.

How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1

How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1I combined a Topshop black and pink striped body suit – another first for me! – with Madewell ripped jeans and Sam Edelman black heals. Doesn’t it make the coat way more dramatic? I love that. Not only does it make me look older (read more about looking younger than you are here), it’s also making it look more evening appropriate. Even though I’m wearing ripped jeans and all.

I’ve really taken a liking to structured jackets and coats. I can dress them down with loafers and jogger pants or go for a sophisticated look with fitted pants and a solid pair of heels. I’m looking to add more well constructed clothing to my wardrobe and most recently, am looking for the perfect trench coat (I see you Burberry…I see you).

How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1

How To Wear A Duster Coat - - @viciloves1

But let’s take a moment to talk about the body suit. I gave this one a try and I must say: I like it. It’s far more flattering than I thought it would be. Wearing it with high waisted pants is the only way to go – in my opinion. And adding that duster coat is the ultimate cherry on top.

So that’s how I wear a duster coat. Are you into coats? They’re not just a thing for cold months anymore. It’s all about finding the right fabrics and colors to work for each season. How do you like to wear yours?


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