My Initial Thoughts on Bluemercury M61 Skincare

May 11, 2017
Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1

Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1

Bluemercury started as a neighborhood store in Washington D.C. The owners Barry and Marla Beck have since expanded their brick and mortar stores across the nation and also offer spa services in select locations. They focus on higher end, luxury brands but also on brands that aren’t as widely available.

Five years ago they decided to come out with their own skincare line M61 that promises maximum results in minimal time. As a local, I’ve got several friends who swear by their products. That in turn has made me even more curious to try the brand – with high expectations, of course.

Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1

Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1Bluemercury M61 Skincare - - @viciloves1

Over the past month and a half, I’ve tried and used three of their products regularly. Their most popular product, the Powerglow Peel, is truly as wonderful as it sounds. While I don’t have oily skin, I love using this after a long day or when I feel a blemish coming on. It has a slight tingle but it’s still comfortable to apply. It’s one of those products that makes your face feel extra clean. Both the glycolic and salicydic acid reduce my pores and improve my overall skin texture.

You guys know I love serums. That’s the way to my skincare heart. I’m particular about texture, hydration, bottle size and well, everything. The Hydraboost Line Reducer sounded interesting to me because it also targets neck lines. It uses powerful peptides, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid to smooth lines and plump my skin. It’s smooth consistency sinks well into the skin and I like that it’s a concentrated treatment. I don’t need to use much to apply and the pump allows me to ration it off well.

Lastly I’ve been using the PowerGlow Moisturizer. It complements the other two products that I have well because it calms the irritation and redness on my cheeks. As the name suggests, it gives my face a natural looking glow and I LOVE that as a dry skinned gal. It gives me that glow from within and looks really good under foundation. I haven’t been using makeup primers recently because it gives me enough of a glow.

Now that I’ve gotten a good feel for these products, I’m looking to try more of the Bluemercury M61 skincare line. Not only have these products lived up to my expectation of being great skincare products, I also like the fact that they started locally in D.C. Have you tried M61? Please leave me recommendations on what products to pick up next! 

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