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Friday Favorites Vol. 9 | Preparing For Spring

Even though we had snow for a brief second this week (!), it sure feels like spring. The sun is out, birds are chirping and the tulips in our front yard are peeking out. I’m looking forward to our first spring at the house and being able to enjoy the outdoors again. With that, I also have spring cleaning and my spring closet on my mind.

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Spring Shopping Cart

Word Of The Moment: Self Care

I always put the people I love in front of me. I take care of them first before I even think to take care of myself. February has been a trying month and even in those moments, it’s been difficult to justify self care. Even though that’s when I would need it most. But I always convince myself that I’m fine. That I don’t

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Self Care Favorites

Why Coffee Dates Are The Best

Over the last couple of weekends Greg and I have been going on a lot of coffee dates. Aside of the fact that we both love coffee, it’s become one…

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