First House Update - - @viciloves1

The First House Update

We’ve been in our new home for over a month now and it’s time for a first house update. Before the moving trucks even pulled up, we had an electrician and plumber come over to assess certain things. We knew from our house inspection…

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Beautiful Work Space - - @viciloves1

The Most Beautiful Work Space

I doubt I’m the only person who likes to work in a beautiful environment. It inspires creativity and furthers my focus. Plus it’s nice to have a reason to leave the house when I could work from home. I’ve been a part of a…

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So Far In 2017 - - @viciloves1

So Far In 2017…

How are we already half way through the year? 4th of July festivities are wrapped up (I hope you had a great celebration!) and it’s time to look back on the past six months. From little things I wanted to accomplish to major changes,…

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Denim Jacket Summer Staple - - @viciloves1

Why A Denim Jacket Is A Summer Staple

I tend to get into ruts with my wardrobe. I’ll wear the same type of clothing over and over again until I’m ready to explore again. I then find something that I haven’t worn in forever and think to myself “I should totally wear…

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