Take Care Shop DC

Take Care Shop DC - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Take Care Shop DC - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Take Care Shop DC - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1A couple of weeks ago I got to attend a preview of Take Care Shop DC. It’s the first independently owned, natural, plant based lifestyle shop in the city. I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful interior and dreamy decor. Within minutes I was looking at new to me brands, exploring different products and taking in its serene environment. Take Care is DC’s first all natural holistic lifestyle shop and I couldn’t be more thrilled to live so close it. As I was walking through the store, I made several mental notes of things I want to get, not only for my beauty closet but also for my new house!

Embracing Slow Living

From small batch beauty products (skin, body, hair, natural perfume + makeup) to soft blankets and pillows, to candles and clothing accessories. Take Care Shop DC offers a well rounded assortment of curated goods. While perusing the store, I truly got a sense of Becky Waddell’s vision, the store founder. She wants Take Care to be a “holistic space for self-care, where people can take time for themselves amid rush and stress of everyday life“. You instantly pick up a relaxing, slower living atmosphere and I can’t stress enough (pun intended) how great it is to have a store like this in the heart of Georgetown, DC.

Take Care Shop DC - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1Take Care Shop DC - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Brands that embody the Take Care philosophy

I of course had to pick up my favorite natural deodorant from Meow Meow Tweet while I was there. Come to find out, they do a whole range of different products (face wash, oil, mask etc.) that I am now eager to try. A few other notable brands (among many) are Herbivore Botanicals, Mischo Beauty – a DC local eco conscious cosmetics brand -, and Vapour Organics. I’m not that familiar with natural beauty brands and it’s so refreshing to step into a store where you know most products are plant-based (a few contain beeswax) and formulated without toxic dyes or synthetic fragrances.

The retail store will also host local mind/body events and workshops that will foster a community of self-care. If you’re in DC or are planning a trip into the city, you must stop by in Georgetown and take care of yourself. Take Care Shop DC is now open at 1338 Wisconsin Avenue.

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