What Are You Proud Of?

Recently my Pilates instructor asked us at the beginning of class to think about something we’re proud of. She said that even for herself, it was hard to think of something she’s proud of. We can be so difficult on ourselves that we get into the habit of not focusing on the good. It really got me thinking because like her, I couldn’t immediately think of something I was proud of. A couple of moments later and I finally could come up with a few things. 2017 was filled with things that I’m proud of that I did. Ideas that came to life. Moments that were created.

Buying our first home

That one is without a doubt the highlight of 2017. After renting for what seems like forever, we were lucky enough to find our little home in Alexandria. I grew up in apartments so living in a house is like a big adventure to me. I love having an upstairs and a downstairs. I love having a front and back yard. I love decorating each room, finding the perfect indoor/outdoor mat and having a laundry room. I sound like a 70 year old grandma but that’s who I am deep down. I am the definition of a homebody and having a cozy home couldn’t make me any happier.

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Switching Gears To Youtube

I fooled myself for too long that I could be a sole blogger. While it’s still a large part of my business and I still really enjoy it, Youtube is where my heart is at. I felt too afraid to put myself in front of the camera so a blog seemed like a better idea at the time. But in 2017 I focused on my Youtube channel more than I ever have. I honestly haven’t felt this fulfilled in a LONG time. And ironically, focusing more on Youtube has made me appreciate my blog more. Some content ideas are better presented in a blog post versus video. I will always love writing and presenting my thoughts on (online) paper – hence this blog post, ha!

Attending Vidcon

Ever since I started watching Youtube videos in my dorm room in 2009, I have wanted to attend Vidcon. As it always falls on my birthday weekend, I’ve refrained from going. But not in 2017. I flew alone to Anaheim and truly had the most amazing time. I love traveling and being alone so that didn’t bother me at all. Being surrounded by other creatives who live and breathe Youtube was a magical and invigorating experience. It opened up my mind to so many ideas and underlined that Youtube is the right path for me. I flew home on Sunday after the conference, which happened to be my actual birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my first ever emergency landing (a passenger got sick but she was okay) and I couldn’t wait to be home after a long day of traveling.


The most stressful and most exciting time of the year was doing Vlogtober! I ended up with 25 videos out of 30 days and learned more than I ever imagined. Talk about working nonstop! I loved every second of it and can’t wait to do it again. That’s a good thing, right? Vlogmas wasn’t as intense with video uploads – in part to life getting in the way – but I LOVED sharing my run up to Christmas with you. Even though I don’t get as many views on these types of videos, it’s a nice way to show more of my personal life and connect with you.

Reaching my business goals

2017 I finally reached an important goal that I’ve wanted for SO LONG. Not only was I very proud of all the collaborations that I did, but I also got my first ever video collaboration. As someone who is still new to the video space, I couldn’t believe it. It showed me that I’m on the right track and to never give up. As a solo entrepreneur it is so easy to get caught up with what I’m not achieving and not doing right. But thinking back to what my Pilates teacher asked, reaching my biggest business goals in 2017 made me feel very proud of myself…

So now I’m passing the question on to you: What are you proud of? 

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  • Alexis Johnson

    I love this post Victoria! You have done so much with 2017 and I’m totally proud of you! You are definitely more brave them me, because I hate putting my face on snapchat! As I was reading your post, I was like dang 2017 was a real buzzkill for me, but what am I proud of? Well I’m proud that I was able to get back up from all the things that knocked me down last year. From struggles at work and a terrible relationship, 2017 definitely showed me that I am way stronger than I ever thought I could be, and it made me realize that my best friends will always be by my side. I started the year off traveling, and near the end had some more traveling. When we look back at all we’ve done, it humbles me to how great my life truly is, even with all the upsets!

    Love ya girl!

    • I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this post Lexie!!! Thank you so much for your kind words, that really means a lot to me. Going through struggles is sometimes a blessing in disguise because you learn so much from them. I’ve certainly learned more from my mistakes and hardships than from things that came easy. As we get older we realize how vital friendships are – and how it’s important to nourish those relationships. Traveling is also one of my favorite things to look back on. Exploring the world every year a bit more makes life that much more exciting. We’re both lucky to be surrounded by good people and I love ya too!! I’m hoping to see you later this year when I come to Vegas :-) xo – V

  • Carolyn Matherly

    I am really proud of all of my children. They are hard workers, intelligent and are doing good things in the world.

    • Thank you for the sweet comment :-) XO

  • Putting yourself out there (and on camera!) can be tough so you are right to be proud of that! I had my first paid blog collaboration in 2017 I’m going to put that down as something I’m proud of :)

    • Yay congratulations Charlotte, that’s amazing!! You can definitely be very proud of that! Here’s to many many more in 2018 and thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo – Victoria