Equilibria CBD Review – Why I Started It

We all get anxious from time to time. And when I get anxious, I start worrying about the most random and specific thing. And it’s hard for me to get out of that moment. Exercise is a big part of helping me manage stressful moments. That’s why I love high-intensity workouts that push my body to its limit. But then there are times where that’s not enough, and I just want something to relax me. Something to take the edge off. I’ve been taking CBD for over a month now and want to share my Equilibria CBD review with you.

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Recent Home Decor Updates

For better or worse, I’m super thoughtful (i.e. slow) about what I buy for our house. So when I see something I love, and I know it’s a regularly stocked item, I will think about it for months before I pull the trigger.

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Plum Vanilla Clafoutis – aka Auflauf!

I’m coming at you with a rare baking blog post! It features my childhood favorite dessert, a plum vanilla clafoutis. Or as my family calls it: Auflauf! And while it’s considered a dessert, I also recommend eating it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Sephora’s Spring Sale

The time has come to take inventory of your beauty products and see which ones need to be restocked! Sephora’s Spring Sale is here and I’m ready to shop with my list in hand.

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My Sweet Daisy Rose

On January 27th, 2020 you went to rainbow bridge. A place where we will meet again and go to heaven together. I know you’re having the best time chasing squirrels and barking to show who’s the boss. And of course, eating all the peanut butter.

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Ritual Vitamins Review: my Everyday Vitamins

I have taken many multi-vitamins over the years but I’ve never been consistent. I’ve had bursts of taking a one-a-day and dry spells where I didn’t take any vitamin for…

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