10 Fashionably Warm Coats For Winter

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The cold has hit DC somewhat overnight and I’m so ready to curl up under a blanket in our house. I’m sitting on my sofa as we speak so you know I’m ready, ha! I love bringing out my coats and seeing which ones I want to wear each day. I feel like coats are one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement. They’re your first impression and give a glimpse into what your style is. 

My first fashionably warm coat was this dark brown topcoat from Benetton. I wore it over my suits when I was in business school and I loved it. It’s sleek silhouette was refined but still comfortable to wear. Since I don’t work in a traditional environment anymore, I notice that I’ve really missed wearing smart coats. They add an instant dose of sophistication and confidence to your look.

In anticipation of the cold months ahead, I’ve rounded up my favorite coats that are (somewhat, maybe actually not?!) reasonably priced. As you can tell, I love blacks, navy’s and cream colored coats. But! I’m trying to mix it up a bit and a red coat is so classic. This one is shape wise different from the others but who wouldn’t want to be a walking teddy bear? I’ve been eyeing up several different versions of it and this one was the most affordable one I could find.

I do think it’s worth investing in a smart coat because it’s such a versatile piece. It’s the perfect transition from work to happy hour and doesn’t feel stuffy to wear. I’m hoping to add one to my wardrobe this season and up my first impression game.

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