10 Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials
Travel Beauty Essentials

Aside of the usual suspects (moisturizer, toothbrush, etc), I’ve got a few travel beauty essentials that I take with on every trip. They’re strategic choices that work for me and make my traveling less stressful.

Cleansing Balm: This cleansing balm gets rid of all my makeup, cleanses and moisturizes my face and best of all? It’s not a liquid! I don’t have to worry about spillage or travel limits.

Makeup Brushes: Specifically this all over face brush (for foundation/concealer), this powder brush (for powder, bronzing, contouring), this blush brush and 1-2 eye shadow brushes (depending on what type of trip it is). I went into more detail on my favorite brushes and brands in this video.

Travel Size Razor: I thought this was a total gimmick when it first came out but it’s quickly become one of my favorite travel beauty essentials. I love that it comes in it’s own case because too many times has my razor looked like a mess after wrapping it in tissue.

Face Mask: If there’s ever a time to get into face masks, it’s when you’re traveling. I like to use an in-air face mask, such as this one, or an overnight one once I’ve arrived at the hotel.

Hair Clips: Ever since I got these clips to section off my hair while blow drying, it’s made my life so much easier. They hold my hair properly in place and I’m able to be quicker and more precise when getting ready in the hotel room. I also use them when I wash my face and I don’t want to put a dent into my hair.

Dry Shampoo: If I can’t shower right after a flight, I use this dry shampoo to liven and freshen up my hair. I also like to use it after I’ve blow dried my hair to give it some grittiness and texture.

Face Wipes: I use these when I’m traveling to and from my destination (on a flight, in a car/train, etc.) but they’re also a great thing to carry in your every day bag. When you’re out exploring all day and don’t get back to the hotel until later, it’s nice to freshen up half way through.

Travel Size Mirror: I like carrying a dedicated small mirror with me so I can apply skincare mid flight, reapply my lipgloss or double check my smile. I don’t like relying on makeup products for a mirror. What if I don’t pack makeup that comes with a mirror? Plus my makeup is usually in my suitcase and not easily accessible.

Travel Size Perfume: I like to pack perfume samples as I get to try out new scents and can toss them once I’m heading home.  If I don’t have a sample to take with, I opt for a smaller, preferably rollerball, version of my favorite scent.

Skin Salve: A regular body lotion is never enough for me so I pack a universal skin salve wherever I go. It’s multi purpose and has saved my skin from serious dehydration countless times.

What are some of your lesser known travel beauty essentials?

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