2017 Blog Societies Conference

Last year I attended the Blog Societies Conference in Charleston¬†and had an incredible time. This year the conference took place in Chicago and I knew I wanted to go again. Aside of the obvious networking that you do – I love me some networking – you get to learn so much! I hadn’t been to Chicago since I was ten and with my last year’s experience, I knew I’d have a great time.

The Conference Details

After arriving Thursday morning and exploring the city with my friend Kara from Politics of Pretty, we attended the Welcome Party hosted by Vera Bradley at the Sugar Factory. We got the chance to say hello to old friends and new and sipped on sweet cocktails. I scheduled a dinner with a few blogger ladies after dinner so we headed to Hampton Social. With lobster rolls and drinks flowing, it was nice to wind down the night in a smaller setting.

Blog Societies Conference - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Blog Societies Conference - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

The following morning we headed to the workshops. I attended the Tailwind, SEO (search engine optimization) and small business workshop. Each one of them left me feeling smarter and I really wish I could have attended all of the other amazing workshops that were going on a the same time. Marc Fisher hosted our lunch where we learned about the brands beginnings and what fall trends we can expect to see. I’m a true fan of the brand as I adore my platform sandals from this post. The networking suite in the afternoon wrapped up the first full day of the conference. It’s such a valuable experience to network with brands one on one and if you’re reading this as a blogger, I can’t recommend this conference enough.

Blog Societies Conference - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

The Speakers

On Saturday morning we met Charming Charlies for a lovely breakfast in the W hotel, where the conference was held, followed by the conference speakers. The first one was about how to make travel content as a blogger – amazing! – while the second one was about how Rachel Martino started her youtube/blogging career. That in particular resonated with me because she also speaks a second language. She has a very large French following from her French youtube channel and it’s made me consider delving into German content. Certainly something you should look out for!

Brittany from Lawyer Lookbook gave an EXCELLENT presentation on contracts and how to legally protect yourself as a creative. She had such a great energy and gave amazing examples of what can go wrong if creators don’t have proper contracts in place. To finish off the speakers, brand sponsors joined in on a panel where they discussed brand partnerships. All of the speakers added so much value to the conference and I can’t thank Cathy from Poor Little It Girl and Jessica from My Style Vita to put on another amazing conference.

Blog Societies Conference - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

Why I Went Again

While the conference followed a similar layout as last years, it was held in Chicago for the first time and offered different content. The first session on Tailwind opened up my eyes on the endless possibilities of it. The SEO workshop – which I didn’t get to attend last year – offered me the opportunity to ask questions that you don’t find the answer to online. The small business workshop – which was accounting based – gave me the tools to properly keep track of my business finances. And that’s all before I even heard the speakers the next day. I took so many notes and loved chatting with other bloggers about what they found most valuable. This summer I’ve been so focused on our house move that the conference couldn’t have come at a better time. Emerging myself back into the what I love and coming out refreshed and motivated is exactly what I needed.

The Blog Societies Conference Vlog

If you want to go a bit more behind the scenes of the conference, you are in luck! I vlogged the entire trip so you can watch my video and see the places we went. I think I’ve covered right about everything but let me know if you have any questions about the conference. I’m always happy to help :-)

Photos by Jules Kennedy Photography