7 Recent Amazon Favorites

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The other week I won a $100 Amazon gift card and I got WAY too excited. There were so many possibilities on what I could get! I think everyone has a running list of items they want to buy on Amazon so here are my 7 recent Amazon Favorites.

Amazon Favorites: Top Books

It was so hard to narrow down what books I wanted to buy and I ended up buying two newer released books as most of the other ones I want to read, I can rent at the library. I heard of And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready through my friend Jordan’s book Instagram @getlitbookclub and her review really resonated with me.

When you’re in your late twenties, you’ll undoubtedly have a conversation with yourself on if motherhood is for you – and if so, when that might be. Regardless of your relationship status, you – and probably the closest people around you, are wondering if and when you’re planning to have a kid. It’s just a fact. I read this book in three days and it was the most honest and funny look into becoming pregnant, giving birth and adjusting to a new normal as a millennial woman. I found it very refreshing, insightful and I’m so happy I read it.

My second book hasn’t arrived in the mail as it’s being shipped from the UK: Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alterton. I don’t know much about the author but I discovered it again on someone’s Instagram and it’s about the ups and downs in your late twenties, early thirties. From the reviews it sounds funny and I can’t wait to read about her life experiences.

Amazon Favorites: Fashion

First things first, this tunic is my new favorite thing in my closet. $26, oversized and is long enough to wear with leggings. I got a size small and I’m tempted to buy a second because I’ve been living in my current one. Second, I’ve been dying for new workout socks. Riveting content but it’s the truth. I got these in the white/grey pack and love them. Very supportive, soft and they don’t slide down in my Orangetheory class.

Lastly, I picked up two of these silicone rings to wear instead of my wedding rings during my workouts. I got the white and pink sand color and love that combo. I’m glad I finally got some of these as I’m sure I’ll also be wearing them on beach vacations.

Amazon Favorites for the Home

I saved the best for last! I’ve been using my Yeti tumbler every day since I got it – I take it with to OTF – and I’ve been dying to get this cute white Yeti mug. It can take me forever to finish a cup of coffee – I take small sips! –  so having this has changed my coffee life. It’s never going to go cold again!

We need a drumroll for this last product: A fabric defuzzer!!! I never knew this sort of machine existed and I am forever changed. It basically shaves off the fuzz of your clothes from having it washed many times and can rescue pilled sweaters, what have you! The reviews and affordable price speak for themselves – and you guessed it, I first saw in on someone’s Instagram! What is this world turning into…

That’s a wrap on my 7 recent Amazon favorites and I’m sure I’ll do this roundup again soon. Please share your recent faves in the comments so we can all share the best possible stuff with each other!

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