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A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience of not wearing makeup for a week (read about it here) and I received a lot of great feedback. Not wearing makeup comes easier to some than others. May it be because of some insecurity or because they simply love wearing makeup every day. There’s something to be said about embracing your natural beauty and loving yourself for the way you look without makeup.

When Movode reached out to me regarding their Beautiful As You Are campaign I knew that I needed to share it with you. Their focus with the campaign is to take beautiful images of you, without makeup, as beautiful as you are. When I came in for a pre-shoot meeting they described the idea and their passion for producing beautiful images without makeup. Not wearing makeup has gotten a lot of press recently, noticeably Alicia Keys who no longer wears makeup in her public appearances. It’s gaining traction and Movode is the first photo studio that has made it it’s mission to promote natural beauty. As part of the shoot I did a little Q & A with them:

Give us a brief description of Movode and who is part of your team: 

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We are a portrait studio in Alexandria, VA. We believe in bold and authentic personalities and strive to bring that out in all of our portraits. Our message is simple: Be you. Be real.

Our team consists of Mahmoud Islam, owner and photographer, and Christina D’Anza, studio manger.

How did you get the idea for the #BeautifulAsYouAre campaign?

As a photographer, I love taking portraits. But, I found it strange when my friends would always say, “Don’t take a picture of me. I’m not wearing any makeup.” It baffled me. For me, everyone is beautiful whether they wear make up or not, whether they do their hair or not, whether they wear a fancy dress or not. I just had to show them that.

So, I took a bold step forward and flipped the whole notion of photography upside down. Now I’m creating authentic portraits without any makeup. And it is absolutely beautiful! It is an experience of a lifetime for our clients. We’ve called this initiative #BeautifulAsYouAre and it has been the platform for positive change that we, as a society, desperately needed.

When did you launch it and how are you spreading the message?

The #BeautifulAsYouAre campaign was launched in June 2016. Since it is such a powerful movement, our message has spread organically through word-of-mouth, social media, and blog coverage.

Do you offer other photography sessions aside of the #BeautifulAsYouAre campaign?

Yes! We offer portrait sessions of all kind. Besides #BeautifulAsYouAre, we do a lot of sessions for couples, families, personal branding, etc. And we are also beginning to offer maternity sessions due to a large number of client requests.

What is your favorite part about shooting a client?

 I love bringing out and capturing the authentic personalities of my clients. It’s a joy to see final portraits that truly reflect who they are as a person. And it’s a wonderful experience to see my clients fall in love with themselves all over again.

Where can you be reached if someone wants to book a session?

Fill out the form here or call and speak with Christina to schedule your complimentary pre-consultation: 571-325-0952

After finalizing the vision and details of the shoot I was excited to experience the campaign. Mahmoud gave me great direction on different poses and had an eye for how things would look on camera.  The atmosphere of the shoot was energetic and fun and it made it that much more exciting to see the final photos! When I came in for the reveal of the images they laid them out on a shelf and had me turn around to see them all at once. It was a nice surprise to have the photos presented that way because you never really get to see yourself in that light. I love how my images turned out as they truly represent my aesthetic. I had a wonderful time going through the shoot and will love looking back on these images for years to come. How do you feel about being photographed without makeup? Do you shy away or are you up for the challenge?

PS: If you live in the area and are interested in a session, you can use the promo code VICILOVES for $100 off your session!

Thank you Movode for sponsoring this blog post.