Beauty Sample Mania

Beauty Sample Mania

It’s all fun and games until you’ve acquired so many that your beauty cabinet is drowning and you want to throw them all out. I’m referring to the Beauty Sample Mania and I for one have tried put a (semi) stop to it.

For me it’s all about finding the best storage for them. In my case that’s a clear case that I have on my vanity and see every day when I get ready in the morning. Every time I get a new sample I put it in there and see what I have available.

I’ve started to organize it once a week and lay out which samples I want to use on what day. If I plan them out by day there’s a lot bigger chance of me actually opening and using them. This week for example I’ve only been using sample cleansers, serums and daily moisturizers and have discovered some hits and misses along the way.

Beauty samples can be tricky because you never know what you’re getting yourself into. If something doesn’t smell or feel right it goes into the trash faster than I can say BUH BYE. And then there is of course the whole “this product may break me out” situation. I luckily have a very resistant skin so it’s pretty rare for me to break out but I still like to check out the ingredients before I put it all over my face. Plus I always make sure that the sample is intended for my skin type.

I get most of my free samples from when I order at Sephora online – there’s a section where you can add three for free – or when I walk the aisles of a department store. They’re all very forthcoming and love giving out stuff for me to try. I mean hey, I won’t deny myself some free samples, right?

How do you manage your beauty samples? Any amazing products you’ve discovered in the process?