Best Hand Creams

Best Hand CreamsBest Hand Creams

It may not be the most glamorous of subjects but do you protect your hands? We use them every day for almost everything, yet we often neglect to take care of them with the right products. I started going to a dermatologist at a young age because my hands were so dry and I remember sleeping with cotton gloves at night after I’d slather a special cream on them. Such a fun thing to do when you’re in your teenage years, ha! To this day they’re still incredibly dry, no matter what I do. Over the years I have tried many different hand creams: lightweight, rich, overnight, masks, creams that say they’ll still be moisturizing after you’ve washed your hands… Throughout this life long struggle I’ve managed to find the best hand creams that are effective and budget friendly.

Best Hand Creams

I’ve got four tubes of this hand cream in my house. One on my nightstand, one in my purse, one in the living room and one for backup. I started using it last year after I got a skin treatment done in Germany. The lady recommended this product to me and I haven’t looked back since. To my surprise, it’s available online in the US so I can buy it forever. It’s not a flashy or well known brand but it is the most effective hand cream. My favorite night hand cream is by this Swiss brand but any cream with shea butter will do. This one is a great alternative as it’s also made with 20% shea butter, honey and almond extract and penetrates roughened skin. To protect my cuticles I apply this award-winning cream every few days on spots that start to look sensitive. Vaseline from the drugstore is another option that’s budget friendly. This fragrance-free drugstore cream and this scented cream round up the best hand creams for me.

Knowing the struggles that I’ve been through, Greg got me these hand masks a few months back. They’re a neat concept as they’re similar to a face sheet mask but instead are in the shape of gloves. You slip your hands into them for 15 minutes, watch a Youtube video to pass the time, take them off and rub the excess into your hands. It deeply penetrates the chapped areas and smoothes out the skin. It’s a nice at-home alternative to the parafin wax treatments available at the nail salon.