Best Things About Fall

Where do I even begin? September marks the beginning of coziness, brisk temperatures and of course, everything pumpkin. The humid months of summer are long forgotten and football season is back. Ever since I moved from Switzerland to the US, I’ve fallen in love with fall. It’s definitely a more hyped up season than it is back home. Style wise it’s also the best time because it’s not too cold yet. Blanket scarves, oversized sweaters and cute boots. Oh my! And then of course there’s Thanksgiving to celebrate. Truly one of the best things about fall!

I’m the definition of a homebody and love to spend time at home. I love to decorate my house with moodier accents and create an inviting environment. Spending my Sunday on the sofa with hot apple cider sounds like pure heaven to me. But then of course, fall is also incredibly busy! Work projects gear up to high speed and there are so many fall themed events happening. Greg and I like to sit down and plan what fall festivals we want to go to and what activities we want to partake in.

Give Me All The Food

As touched upon earlier, I love thanksgiving. Because I didn’t celebrate it for most of my life, I’m now filled with excitement each time it comes around. I love that the holiday is about bringing family together and enjoying a homemade meal. While I’m aware and acknowledge the negative connotations of thanksgiving’s origin, I believe it has formed into a beautiful holiday tradition for families around the US.

And while we’re on the topic of sharing meals, I love filling our house with yummy scents and baking sweet treats. I love cooking for Greg and making cozy dishes in the oven. You can sense a theme here that I love all things cozy! Because the temperatures drop, I can finally start burning candles again and indulge in a luxurious scent or two. On that note, I can’t wait to do some candle shopping. I’ve yet to try Diptyque Candles and this is the year I’m finally making the plunge.

Warmer Tones Welcome

Looking at my makeup collection, the berry tones are coming back. I’m ready to break out my two MAC lipsticks (last mentioned here) and put them into my weekly rotation. Fall brings a renewed sense to fashion and beauty. It all seems exciting after a hot summer and I find myself being more adventurous again. I’m still waiting on this pair of nude slide loafers from the Nordstrom sale and they should be here at the end of the month. Consider yourself warned if you see them all over my Instagram.

Now that I’ve shared my best things about fall, I’d love to know what some of yours are! Are you as excited as I am?

Photo: Emma Weiss Photos