A Breath Of Fresh Air With Lush

Lush A Breath Of Fresh Air

Toners have never been a part of my regular skincare routine. The ones I’ve tried in the past have either stung or irritated my skin and I felt like it was an added unnecessary step. But when I got the Lush A Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water for Christmas this year I was eager give it another chance. I do love me a good facial spray and with Lush mostly using natural ingredients I wasn’t worried to give this a try.

It’s ingredients stand out to me as it contains sea water and sea weed which both cleanses and softens the skin. The additional rose absolute and aloe vera cool and soothe any dry areas. That right there won me over already.

When I sprayed this on to my face for the first time I really understood why Lush named it a breath of fresh air. It feels very refreshing and comfortable on the skin. It instantly calms me down and reminds me of being by the water. That’s definitely an added bonus in addition to what it already does for my skin.

I use it after I’ve washed my face and before I apply my moisturizer. I spray it all over my face and let it sink in naturally for a few minutes. Once I’ve got my moisturizer on I feel my skin being more dewy and hydrated.

Because I’m a huge fan of facial sprays I also use this throughout the day to revive my face. You know that time in the afternoon when you feel like your face is dragging and you need a pick me up? That’s when I go for for a breath of fresh air.

My skin is more sensitive in the winter time and this toner helps me balance it out. The water also contains patchouli and rosemary oil and I love that slight herbal scent mixed in. With Lush I can trust the ingredients that I’m putting on my face while also providing me a breath of fresh air.

Do you use a toner on a regular basis? I’d love to hear what you think of this one!