Claire Ashley For Makeup Meltdown

Claire Ashley For Makeup MeltdownClaire Ashley For Makeup MeltdownWhen I heard that Youtube Beauty Guru Claire Ashley was coming out with a range of lipsticks I had to check them out. I’ve been watching her videos for a few years now and even got to meet her earlier this year. She’s truly the nicest person and I love watching her makeup tutorials. She makes everything look so easy!

The Claire Ashley For Makeup Meltdown Collection encompasses three lipsticks and I picked up two of the three shades. I didn’t purchase the nude color lipstick called Anguilla because even though it looks beautiful, I already have waaaaay to many nude lipsticks in my collection. I’m trying to limit myself, people!

SirenClaire Ashley For Makeup MeltdownClaire Ashley For Makeup Meltdown

At first I was hesitant to pick up Siren because it’s a burnt orange – not something I usually wear! But I figured I’d try something new and see how it looked against my skin tone. And BOY do I love it! It’s quickly become one of my favorite lipsticks because I don’t have any other shade like it and it’s simply gorgeous for fall. Highly recommend this one!

ManhattanClaire Ashley For Makeup MeltdownClaire Ashley For Makeup Meltdown

Manhattan is the ultimate staple lipstick for fall as it’s a beautiful berry toned color that complements any skin color. I mean look at it, how could I NOT get it? – Exactly.

What struck me most about the lipsticks is that they’re all handmade by the owner, Pro Makeup Artist Aleah Rae Dorsey in the Washington D.C. area. I love supporting local businesses and am really impressed with the quality of them. They are buttery smooth and feel amazing on my lips. The lipsticks are made with shea butter which makes them both creamy and super moisturizing. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and have a strong lasting power. I applied Siren before going to lunch and it stayed on incredibly well. A fun fact is that $1 of each purchased lipstick goes towards the Beauty Bus Foundation. As I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts, I love supporting companies that also work together with a non profit foundation.

Claire Ashley For Makeup MeltdownMakeup Meltdown creates custom lipsticks so that each women can have their perfect shade. I love that concept because it stands out among the rest of the makeup brands and ensures that everyone can create their unique lipstick. You can look at all of the other available shades in their online shop or check out their website here. The Claire Ashley for Makeup Meltdown Collection is only available until the end of November so get your hands on it now before they’re gone. Otherwise you snooze you loose!

Have you tried a handmade lipstick before? If you could create your own lipstick color, what would it be? Do tell in the comments below!