Date Night Fragrances

Date Night FragrancesDate Night FragrancesWhen Greg and I have date nights I love wearing a darker, sensual fragrance. I have a few classics that I rotate between and depending on the weather and where we’re going, I’ll make my decision. Scents have a way of bringing back beautiful memories and wearing these date night fragrances always puts me in an good mood to start off the evening.

This one is my most worn date night fragrance. I got hooked on it back in high school and I have so many great memories associated with it. While it’s super floral, it has a darkness to it that captivates me every single time. It’s base notes are woody and blend well with the explosion of different flowers. I’ve worn it on countless special occasions and Greg can instantly tell when I’m wearing it.

I’ve got to thank my older sister for this date night fragrance. She used to wear the original version and since I didn’t want to copy my sister completely (younger sister problems) I went for a different version. While mine isn’t available anymore I love their whole range. It’s several wood notes mixed with fruits and spices, such as pink pepper or coriander, make up the most unique perfumes. The oriental scent isn’t for everyone but boy, is it a statement for date night.

Date Night FragrancesDate Night Fragrances

Moving on to lighter scents, this sophisticated fragrance is just the right amount of sweet. It’s perfect for spring / summer date nights and subtle, yet memorable. It complements my collection well because it’s light and airy and gives me a break from my woodier perfumes.

This amber musk number is the last date night fragrance I like to wear. I mentioned it in my January Favorites video and have been wearing it nonstop recently. It’s warm notes are excellent for date night yet also subtle enough to wear during the day. It creates a cozy and velvety feeling that I’m addicted to.

I love dark woody scents mixed with the femininity of flowers, the sweetness of vanilla and the freshness of fruits. All of these date night fragrances have a combination of those notes and prepare me for a fun night out on the town.