December Fitness Files

December Fitness Files

You may or may not have noticed that I didn’t do a November fitness files. I got a bit overwhelmed with traveling, being sick and trying to find a new space to live that I didn’t carve out the time for my fitness goals. But here I am, back at it and ready to take on my December fitness files!

What I’m listening to: Adele. Like every other person on this planet I’m completely and utterly obsessed with her new album 25. I love all of the songs but ‘Water Under The Bridge’ is really speaking to me at the moment. I listen to it at work, on the treadmill or when I’m cooking – really anywhere. I’m addicted to Adele and can’t get over how incredibly talented she is.

What I I bought: Quality sports clothing isn’t exactly cheap so I decided to take an inventory of what I have. After rummaging through my drawer I noticed that I didn’t have any long sleeve running shirts for this colder weather. Naturally I ventured into Lululemon during their black Friday sale and found this awesome breathable grey long sleeve shirt. I love the color and the folded over detail right where the shoulders hit. I also love that it’s fitted yet comfortable enough to wear around the house. It’s very flattering and doesn’t make me feel body conscious.

What I’m eating: Peanut Butter everything. I didn’t grow up with peanut butter and until recently I never understood why people liked it. All of that changed over the past few weeks and now I can’t resist it. I eat peanut butter on toast, with jelly, out of the jar, you name it! And it’s a good workout snack because it has protein in it – now that’s just fabulous!

What exercise I’ll attempt to do: The Bikini Body Guide. Again. Sigh. I’ve done several of the exercises weeks at a time but I haven’t kept with it for more than a month. I find it hard to do while also going to Pilates classes because it simply overwhelms my body. But I’m trying to fight off the winter weight and that calls for drastic measures. I hope to report back to you on my progress next month and tell you where I’m at.

How are you finishing off the year? Do you have any fitness goals to get you through the cookie filled month?