Decorating Our Front Steps


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our home exactly four months. So far we’ve repaired some of the exterior and spent time getting the yard in good shape. We’ve gotten rid of three trees, several weeds, bushes and are working on growing our grass better. I’ve yet to put effort into decorating the interior because I’m trying to feel out the space.

When it comes to interiors, I love so many different designs that I’m taking my time with what I really want. I see a lot of Pinterest in my future – you can follow my boards here to see what I’m inspired by. One thing however that I’ve been looking forward to is decorating our front steps. I’m really into creating a nice curb appeal. That’s such a weird thing to say but I do love me a good entry.

Over the weekend I finally took on decorating our front steps for the fall. Even though it was 80 degrees and humid, I was out decorating with pumpkins, hay and mums! We don’t have a large front porch but I still wanted it to feel inviting. I opted for yellow and white mums, a white pumpkin, several orange pumpkins and small gourds. To add some height, I also got hay.

I think it’s worth creating a nice entry area into your home. You walk in and out of your front door every day and creating an inviting space in the front adds such a nice feel. Not to mention, it makes the whole neighborhood more inviting. It’s something that everyone can enjoy.

Of course the last – and best accessory – is to have a cute dog sitting out front! Just kidding! Kind of… But with lots of treats, I was able to convince Daisy to stand model for me. She loves being outside and observing everything. We’ve had a few rabbits run around and she takes every opportunity to go after squirrels. How are you decorating your space for fall?