Empties Part II

Empties Part III can’t even tell you how many empty products I have laying around at home. Okay…they’re not laying around but rather in my designated ’empties’ bag. I go through skincare products like nobody’s business while makeup products seem to last me forever – is that the same with you? Since I have a big bag of emptied products I decided to spread them among several posts so it’s more manageable for both me and you. And without further ado, here is my empties part II:


I use dry shampoo every day and have gone through several different ones over the years. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo is so far my favorite one that I’ve tried. It freshens up my hair without making it chalky, distributes evenly and doesn’t leave gray streaks behind. I’ll definitely purchase this dry shampoo again but I want to try out a few different ones first. Beauty Blogger Problems!


I bought the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer for my gym bag as I was intrigued by the spray applicator. It felt nice on my skin, was non-greasy and had a pleasant smell. It wasn’t as moisturizing as I would have liked it to be but it was good enough for when I was on the go. I won’t be repurchasing it but I’d recommend it if you don’t have very dry skin.

Two things I’ve already repurchased are the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant and the Lavanilla Deodorant. I use the Dove Advanced Care for when I work out and it’s so good. It’s perfect for a serious sweat session – hello hot pilates class! I reach for the Lavanilla Deodorant on my non workout days as I love the way it smells and how moisturizing it feels on my skin.

I really liked the consistency of the EOS Shave Cream but even though the bottle looks cute in the pink bottle, it didn’t dispense the shaving cream easily. The pump is very slow which I thought was annoying while “waiting” in the shower. Since it’s a non-foaming cream it was a bit difficult sometimes to get it on my legs without sliding right off. Nevertheless it was a nourishing shaving cream with a yummy pomegranate raspberry smell.

Makeup Remover

I finished the mother of all micellar waters: The infamous Bioderma Micellar Water! It’s the best makeup remover I’ve ever encountered and would certainly repurchase it if it was available in the US. Bioderma is only sold in France – and via Amazon if you’re willing to pay a way higher price for it. Fortunately I just started using the Simple Micellar Water so I’m going to be okay without it.

What products have you finished up recently? Any ones that you’d repurchase or not? Let’s discuss in the comments below!