End of Year Goals

end of year goalsend of year goalsThe first day of December is right around the corner and before we get caught up in holiday parties, cookie baking and tree lightings, it’s time to look at our end of year goals. You know, those new years resolutions¬†or goals that you wanted to achieve by the end of the year? Yes. Exactly. How are they going? I wrote my own set of goals at the beginning of the year and I’m happy to say that I’ve accomplished most of them while some came up a bit short. For whatever the reason, I don’t like the mentality that December is pretty much already a goner. Yes there’s a lot of social gatherings, fun stuff and all, but now more than ever is the time to make the most of what the year has left.

Without fail, every time I go on social media around this time of year, there’s at least a few people that can’t wait for this year to be over. I’m sure they have good reasons but shouldn’t we embrace the not so good stuff of this year and go out with a festive and productive December? The first three months of this year were the opposite of fun for me (insert broken foot comment here) but overall it was still an exciting 2016 filled with growth, travel and good food.

So, look at your 2016 goal sheet. Be proud of the things that you accomplished and evaluate why other things didn’t go as planned. It’s not too late to kick it up a notch and finish 2016 with determination, knowing that you gave it your best. For me personally, I still have a few open goals related to this blog that I want to kickstart along with finding more time to read books. I’ve read quite a few¬†throughout this year but I somehow always get distracted by my phone. This December I want to put my phone down more often, finish the two books I’m currently reading (yes, I’m one of those people) and start a new one once I’m done with them. Let’s do this.