End Of Summer

It just hit me yesterday that I don’t like the summer as much as thought I did. Sure, the sun is always out and you can eat outside more. But there’s that fine line between feeling comfortable and absolutely miserable outside. I’ve experienced a couple of DC summers now and it is just so bloody humid that I find myself barricaded inside my house most days – ha! I do like the summer because my birthday is in June. It’s usually not crazy hot then and it’s fun to spend time with family outside. I guess I like the first part of it and unless you’re heading to the beach, the end of summer isn’t that great – weatherwise speaking!

I think I’ll feel differently about summer next year when we’ve put more work into the backyard and get proper outdoor furniture. We currently have a small bistro table that I purchased last year for our old place. I still love it – and will keep it – but we now have room to accommodate a proper dining table and a couple lounge chairs. And we’re most definitely getting a hammock for the yard.

September is going to be such a great month. It’s going to be cooler, the mosquitos won’t be around and it will feel glorious sitting outside for dinner. Greg and I are also heading to Seattle for a couple days and I can’t wait for our little vacation. If you have any Seattle recommendations, please leave me a comment below! With that, you can probably tell I’m so ready for fall. I’m a true homebody and I can’t wait to curl up in cardigans, watch football and drink apple cider, ha! And you bet your tush, I’m going to be wearing my new UGG boots that I got a couple months ago. I’m beyond excited to have a pair back in my closet. I’m definitely bringing the early 2000’s / the O.C. days back and you can’t stop me.

Photo: Slodak Photography