Feeling The Burn – A Megaformer Update

So far I’ve completed two solidcore classes and each one of them has left me feeling utterly and completely exhausted. I found out they weren’t kidding when they said that this was going to be the hardest workout you’ll ever do. Trust me, I’m feeling the burn…

But soreness aside, the solidcore workout is on another level. Last Friday (on National Donut Day, I might add) we were doing army crawl routines and these upper body exercises that made my face cringe in ways I didn’t know my face could.

Oh and then at one point we did these lunge exercises and because I had trouble keeping my balance (yes, I’m that person in class) the instructor gave me this tall stick to hold on. Obviously helpful but it also made me feel a little ridiculous. But I told myself I’d rather hold on to it and get the most out of my lunges than fall off the megaformer. You win some, you loose some.

It’s been extremely helpful to have a machine next to someone who’s more experienced. Both times I’ve gone I’ve had people next to me who’ve done over 100 classes – yes the big 1-0-0. Needless to say they were very helpful in seeing how to hold positions and move around the machine. The instructor walks around telling you what exercises to do, showcasing it on the ground and encourages you but there’s nothing like seeing another person doing it on the machine right next to you.

I’m still getting a hang of the megaformer and being able to grab better control of it – especially the carriage as it moves back and forth. One of my favorite things that I discovered are the inspirational quotes written on the floor by each machine. It’s fun because some of them you only see when you move the carriage and are holding a plank for example. Definitely keeps me going for a few seconds longer.

What I’ve found is that doing a megaformer class is the perfect addition to the regular mat Pilates exercises. I’m usually still sore from the megaformer class that when I go back to mat Pilates I can feel my muscles working more precisely. Plus it also helps with getting rid of the soreness so there’s that.

What have been some of your most challenging workouts? 

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