Why Filling In Your Eyebrows Changes Everything

Filling In Your EyebrowsI didn’t start filling in my eyebrows until my early 20’s, let alone even think about them. Not until I got my makeup done professionally did my view on that change. I remember the makeup artist asking me if he could fill them in and I thought why not?

That was when I realized how BIG of a difference it made and why filling in your eyebrows changes everything. It added incredible definition to my face while still looking natural and not drawn on. My eyebrows are lighter than the hair on my head which makes them semi invisible when they aren’t filled in. Or at least that’s what I think. Yes I could get them professionally colored – and I probably will one day – but I’m not comfortable doing that quite yet.

Even if you’re hair color matches your eyebrows you still may want to consider shaping them with a brow pencil to give them further definition and getting rid of any blank spots. You could also use a tinted brow gel if that’s more you’re style. I use a brow gel occasionally to keep any stray hairs in check.

The reason why filling in your eyebrows changes everything is because even if I don’t wear ANY makeup yet still want to look a little put together, I’ll quickly fill them in and am instantly ready for the day. It’s something that literally takes less than a minute but makes the biggest difference in your face. As with everything else, I always want to keep my eyebrows looking natural and not like they were painted on with a sharpie. We all know that’s not a good look…

Some of my favorite products to use are the MAC Lingering Brow Pencil, Bobbie Brown Cement Eyeshadow and the Catrice Eye Brow Set. If you’re looking at getting a brow product I’d ask someone at the store to help you decide on the right color. I’ve gone in several times to buy a brow pencil and ended up walking out with a completely different shade than what I thought I’d get. Maybe that’s an indication that I’m terrible at color matching my hair tone or maybe, just maybe, it’s an sign that having a second opinion really does help.

Ever since I’ve started filling in my eyebrows it’s become one of my favorite things to do makeup wise. It’s so easy and gives me the biggest payoff in terms of looking like I’ve got my life together. Do you fill in your eyebrows? If yes, what are some of your favorite products that you like to use? I hear the Anastasia Beverly Hills Products are amazing and I’m dying to try some of them out!