Fitness Files: September

September Fitness FilesI’m starting a new monthly series where I round up my fitness files at the beginning of each month. I’ve been getting some good feedback on my previous fitness posts so I thought I’d keep it going in this kind of format :) Anything from my favorite playlist song, sports clothing, exercise routine, recipe or general thoughts  / updates I’ll share here. So let’s get right into it:

What I’m listening to: Elle Me Dit” by MIKA is my current obsession. I’ve always loved french songs and this one is so catchy, I can’t help but like it. I was lifting weights to the beat of the song and it really got me through the tough parts. It’s such a fun song!

What I’m wearing: It’s no surprise that Lululemon is one of the top brands when it comes to sports clothing. I’ve been LOVING the in the flow crop pants for pilates class. They are super comfortable, stay in place and feel like a second skin. I currently have the heathered deep coal color and am thinking of getting a second one. Decision, decisions…

What I’m eating: I don’t know if drinking a smoothie is considered “eating” but I got a simple banana oatmeal smoothie from this recipe online that I’ve been loving. Easy and delicious, that’s my kind of recipe!

What exercise I’ll attempt to do: This may come as a shock but I’ve never watched any of Blogilates’ videos before until last month. I KNOW, how could this happen? Her videos are only about 5-15 minutes long so I figure I’ll manage to squeeze in a routine at home. The Lower Abs & Booty Blast is at the top of my list right now. Let’s do this!

Image: Death To Stock