Friday Favorites Vol. 1

Welcome to another new series, ha! I’ve debated long and hard on introducing a weekly series on my blog but it’s finally here: Friday Favorites Vol. 1. In this series you can expect a weekly roundup of my personal favorites from the past week. Whether that be a new beauty product that launched, a major sale to take advantage of for weekend shopping or an article that caught my attention. I’ll also share personal tidbits from my week, things that stood out and favorite events I attended in the area. A place to catch up with you from the past week and seeing what lies ahead. So here goes…

// Daisy’s eye surgery //

I’ve been taking care of Daisy after her glaucoma surgery and the eye drop schedule is no joke. I took her in on Thursday for a checkup and we can take the cone off tomorrow! Her drop schedule has been lowered and she’s doing really well. But because of her cone, she feels very insecure and has difficulty getting up and down stairs and furniture. She knows I lift her up when she has issues so I’ve been her personal lift these past few weeks… :-)

// Taylor Swift // 

I was NOT a fan of her until 1989 came out. Ever since then I’m a total Swifti (??) and can’t wait for her new album Reputation to come out next week. I have not pre-ordered it because I want to hear the full album first. But let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up loving it. The songs she’s released so far were a mixed bag for me initially. Some I loved off the bat and some I started to love after listening to them on repeat. I like her music because her lyrics are so catchy and feel innocent. No one can turn real life drama into a great song quite like Tay Tay.

// Loft 40% Off Sale //

Loft always has amazing sales and to be honest, I only shop there when they have one. This weekend they’re offering 40% off all sweaters, tops and scarves and I’m looking to stock up on SEVERAL tops and sweaters. It’s really good value for money and I know these pieces will last a long time in my wardrobe.

// Christmas A’Coming // 

Viciloves is gearing up for holiday content and I can’t believe the festive season is upon us! I’m trying stay in the moment and enjoy my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving – whilst planning out my December. Greg and I take our Christmas decorations seriously and we both can’t wait to enjoy our first holiday season in our new home. I’m also looking forward to seeing what Target has in store decor wise. The Hearth & Hand collection is launching on November 5th and everything looks so dreamy!

// Weekend Plans // 

Greg and I are in the process of getting a new sofa for our living room (!!). We’ve already narrowed it down to this one but just need to decide on what color and fabric! Initially we both loved the blue velvet – and I still do – but I’m too caught up in wanting a grey sofa. The velvet performance is family/pet friendly so we’re leaning towards that fabric but the worn velvet in metal is nagging at me… decisions, decisions! Feel free to chime in with your thoughts if you have any experience on sofa shopping!

Have a great weekend!

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