Friday Favorites Vol. 11 | The Fitness Journey Continues

The Fitness Journey Continues - - @viciloves1

As you’re reading this, I will have just come out of my Pilates bootcamp class. This has been my first week back exercising to 3-4 times a week. I also started using my basement as a gym area and want to transform it into an inviting space. In our last (rented) house, the basement turned into a catch-all for old furniture and I boxes. This time I want to make much better use out of the space so that I feel motivated to workout at home.

Along with exercise, I also did a healthy food shop this week. I really fell off the bandwagon with cooking healthily these last few months (hello, TJ’s frozen aisle). I’m back to cooking with more fresh vegetables (yay) and have been reaching for dates as my healthy afternoon snack. Sweet and filling, yum!

No fitness journey would be complete without treating myself to new workout gear! Retail therapy really works, friends. I ordered this crop top and these high waisted leggings and they’re arriving in the mail today. Barring any major fail, you can catch my little try-on session in my Insta stories┬álater today. I got both of them for 20% off with the code NEWOV and it’s valid until March 31. Now’s the time to stock up for spring if you want to treat yo’ self.

I got a few messages about my bedroom floor mirror so I wanted to share it here. At first I didn’t want a standing mirror. But when Daisy knocked over our old leaning mirror with her butt (!), it made sense to get a more sturdy one. LOL! So here we are. I have it in the antique brass and it’s a mix between a gold and a rose gold color. Very well made and I’m so happy I went with this one.

You may have notice that I also added a shop page to my site. That’s where you can find fashion, beauty and home items that I either have myself – or things I’m lusting over. You can click on them to learn more about them and I’ll keep updating them as I get new products in. It’s like a curated version of everything I love in one spot!

The last thing that has been a favorite this week is Option B. I picked this up on a whim at the library and was so happy to find it. Sheryl Sandberg talks about loosing her husband and how it shifted her perspective on life. I’m half way through the book already and cannot wait to finish it this weekend. She not only draws from her own experience on grief but also ties in many other people’s stories and how they overcame their hardships. I think this is another must read book as she goes over so many important life lessons in it.

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