Friday Favorites Vol. 2

As I was getting my weekly allergy shots yesterday, I realized we are two weeks away from Thanksgiving! You guys know it’s my favorite holiday of the year and simply thinking about all the amazing food I’ll be consuming brings a smile to my face. True life of a food addict! But without getting ahead of myself here, there’s a couple Friday favorites to catch you up on:

The Heart Of It Podcast

The finale episode came out this week and I’m already anxiously awaiting the second season. The eight episodes are centered around being a woman and delve into interesting topics, such as identity or motherhood. Estée provides thoughtful insight while still being her funny self. Although each subject is so different from the last, all episodes surprisingly spoke to me.

House Update

We finally got our electrical wires fixed in the attic and are ready to get new insulation. We had to get rid of the old because the attic had been infested by bats and other animals. Hopefully we’ll get it done in the next two weeks before it gets too cold. I’m so ready to have the ‘boring’ house work done so I can move on to properly decorating the inside. I’ve been living on my Pinterest profile to garner inspiration and pretend like my house looks like the pictures.

Football Game

This weekend Greg and I are going to a Redskins game and I can’t wait to get my football on. I LOVE watching it on TV each week and yell at the screen LOL! I do prefer watching football from the comfort of my home but once in a while, it’s fun to go to a game. The first football game I ever went to was when I was a senior in college. We went to see the San Diego Chargers against the Broncos and I was taken aback by how much smaller the field looks in person. That just me?

Sephora Sale

If you caught yesterday’s new video, you know that Sephora has their biggest sale of the year this weekend! You get between 15%-20% off the whole site, depending on if you’re a beauty insider or VIB member. I always try to pick up my items during this sale because in my opinion, it’s WAY better than the black Friday offerings. I recommend all of the products I get at Sephora plus other things you might want to consider stocking up on. Use code INSIDER15 or 20FORVIB depending on what your membership is. All you have to do is sign up as a beauty insider and you instantly get the 15% – so easy!

And in case you missed it…

On Tuesday I shared my Seattle Day 1 adventure with everything we did that day and where we ate. Isn’t that the most important part?! And then on Wednesday I kicked off the holidays with beauty advent calendars and why I’m so excited about them. You’ll be seeing more of the inside of my calendar in upcoming videos so consider subscribing to my Youtube channel.