Friday Favorites Vol. 8 | Hirshhorn Museum And My Current Read

Friday Favorites Vol. 8 - - @viciloves1

This week I finally started getting my groove back and have put out blog posts and a video, hurray! I also went to hot pilates yesterday and it felt good to be back, being my normal self. Focusing on work has helped me get out of my February slump and I’m excited to see what March has in store for me.

Last weekend Greg surprised me with a 24 hour staycation at the Intercontinental Hotel Wharf DC. We’d talked about staying there and I was so excited to sleep in a luxurious hotel bed. We both studied hospitality in college so we really appreciate all the amenities and service a hotel has to offer. I will be sharing a detailed review about the hotel on the blog soon so stay tuned for that!

One of my favorite things about living in the DC metro area is being close to all of the museums. I finally went to visit the Hirshhorn Museum and absolutely loved it. It has three levels and since the building is round, it’s easy to navigate the exhibitions. They just opened an 80’s exhibition and it was fantastic. There’s some funky pieces in there and I loved trying to understand the messages that they were sending. Cleanliness was a big topic of discussion in the 80’s and you can see a lot of pieces that incorporate cleaning supplies or even a hanging vacuum. One of my favorite moments was seeing the art piece “I shop therefore I am” by Barbara Kruger. I’ve seen it many times before in print publications and it was cool to see it in real life.

I picked up a this new book called “An American Marriage” and I am loving it. Oprah chose it for her 2018 book club and I can see why. I started it this week and am halfway through. It’s an easy read and such a compelling story. This will be my third book I’ve finished so far this year, getting me closer to that goal of reading 20 books in 2018.

This weekend I’m looking forward to watching the Oscars. Greg and I take our movies seriously and we make our own selections prior to the awards show. Greg usually wins because he reads more reviews and background facts than I do but I’m hoping to pull out a win this year! Are you going to be following it on tv?

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