Goals for 2016

Goals For 2016

I know I know, it’s already the end of the month, how could I possibly still write my goals for 2016? Well to me the whole month of January is a time to reboot, set everything back to zero and evaluate what I want to continue, achieve or change in 2016.

Becoming More Financially Savvy

A lot of people may not know that I originally got a degree in banking. Granted that was in Switzerland (go figure) but I miss the times when I was in tune with the financial world. I used to be able to understand what investors and analysts were talking about – or at least understand the general concept. But ever since I moved to the States I haven’t kept in touch with most of it. The way you invest in money is different and I’m not accustomed to how the “system” works here. I want to become more financially savvy because I used to have a great relationship with money. I want to understand how different financial products work and make smart investment decisions.

Growing My Blog

I’m almost at a year of blogging and the first year is always the hardest, no matter what you set yourself up to do. I’ve beaten myself up sometimes when I see other bloggers post all the time, are social media heavy or get to work with brands. It’s difficult to keep strong through those moments but I blog because I love blogging. I love learning more about photography and composition. I love writing you an educated review on a product or share a good trick on how you can change your makeup game. I also love writing about personal experiences and moments because that’s what makes me human. I simply love sharing with you. Because even if I only impact one other person they way other bloggers have influenced me, then that’s the best thing ever. I’m very proud of myself for creating something on my own. It may not all be perfect but I’m excited to take Viciloves to the next level in 2016.

Targeted Fitness

Last year was the first year EVER where I worked out almost every week, between 2-5 times a week. I even worked out on vacation and always made sure to at least get a run in. This years goal for me is to do more targeted fitness. I’m very pleased with the way 2015 went and my goal for 2016 is to do more targeted exercises. I’m still going to do my full body workouts but I’m going emphasize certain parts more.

To-Do Lists

I love being organized and I like to think that I have a good memory (my husband would agree otherwise). I’m always in the know of when things are due and by when we need to have stuff done. However I need to start writing more to-do lists. Every single organized person swears by them and it’s not that I don’t write them, it’s that I don’t go into as much detail and / or don’t often update my to-do lists. I know that to-do lists change lives and I have got to get into a routine of writing them more consistently.

What are some of your goals for 2016?