GUHL Shampoo Review

GUHL Shampoo Review featured by top US beauty blog, Viciloves

Ever since I moved from Switzerland to America there have been several products and brands that I miss having over here – including the GUHL shampoo line. I thought I’d talk to you about them and do a little shampoo review on their newest range. The next time you’re in Europe you may want to check them out!

GUHL Shampoo Line Review

The brand itself was founded by Gustav Guhl – a fellow Swiss from Zurich – and he believed in incorporating natural ingredients that you could find on a farm into his shampoos. He started using beer, eggs or peach oil to solve all of life’s hair problems. Now isn’t that cool??

When I was in Berlin last March I picked up their newest shampoo range for rebellious hair called “Bändigung & Schwung”. Translated into English this shampoo range promises to tame and bring back the hair’s natural swing. When I still lived in Switzerland GUHL shampoo was one of my go-to brands. I LOVED the egg-cognac shampoo for tired hair along with the beer shampoo for more volume.

The “tame & swing” GUHL shampoo range was put together with Keratin and Awapuhi oil, which originates from the Awapuhi ginger flower in India. The Awapuhi oil helps restore the root of the hair along with replenishing the strands with proteins and moisture. The keratin smooths and tames the hairs surface while also making it stronger.

The GUHL shampoos are a concentrated formula, which means you only need a dime size amount to shampoo your hair. They lather up nicely and this specific shampoo has a delicious floral smell to it. The matching conditioner further helps lock in my hair’s elasticity and detangles my hair without weighing it down.

I’m halfway through the shampoo and conditioner and absolutely love it. My hair feels so smooth and especially stronger when I style it. GUHL is the perfect summer shampoo because it helps my hair air dry sans frizz and takes control of any rebellious strands. You’re able to buy this shampoo line through Amazon.

Have you tried GUHL shampoo before? Let me know if you give them a go and tell me what you think in a comment below!