Healthy Start

Living a healthier lifestyle is always on my “to-do” list but especially in January I like to put a bigger emphasis on it. Healthy can mean something different to everyone. Aside of being in strong physical shape, to me it also means eating well, nourishing my mind and prioritizing myself. This year I want to be more mindful and intentional with how I spend my time, say yes to fruitful opportunities and decline requests where I don’t think I’ll reap any benefits from. I want to take more time to read magazines because the pile is becoming bigger and bigger. I want to take more time to journal and reflect on things swirling in my head. I received this journal towards the end of last year and so far I’ve loved writing my thoughts in there every week.

I went to hot pilates recently and had a new instructor that spoke so calmly while delivering a killer workout. She said these early morning hours are her favorite part of the day because it gives her a healthy start. She also asked us to each pick a word for the next hour of class that we want to focus on. Being more mindful or intentional about your movements. It got me thinking of how I want to use that method for 2017. Being more intentional with my actions and mindful of how I feel about them. Preparing myself for a healthy start each day. It then also reminded me that I want to treat myself to some new workout gear to kick off the new year. The stores are stocked with new arrivals and I’ve been eyeing up this tank, these leggings, this sports bra and this sweater.

How has your first week of 2017 been? Did you prioritize yourself enough? What changes do you want to make moving forward?