Holy Grail Face Products

Holy Grail Face ProductsThere are very few face products that have stayed with me throughout most of my life – also known as my Holy Grail face products. Usually I like to switch my skincare around, try out something new and see if I like it better than the last product – but not with these two. I’ve purchased countless bottles of these gems and made myself stop counting after a few years.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +

Where do I even begin? I started using this moisturizer when I was 13 or 14 years old and haven’t stopped using it ever since. Just imagine how many I’ve purchased over the years. Yeah, I know – A LOT! If there’s anything I can count on in my skincare life, it’s this baby. The moisturizer has a silky texture and feels amazing on my skin. Clinique has different formulations for all skin types and surprise surprise, I use the very dry to dry combination skin formula. It’s lightweight, keeps my face moisturized throughout the whole day and makes my skin feel SO soft. I also love the scent because it’s subtle yet distinct. I’ve tried a handful of other moisturizers over the years and I’ve always come back to this one. I swear by this beauty and will never stop using it. Seriously though.

Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Serum

Because of my super dry skin I have to / like to use a serum before I apply the Clinique moisturizer. I was walking the aisles of Target one day and came across this Boots serum. For less than 8 dollars I gave this one a try and never looked back. The scent is nothing special but it doesn’t bother me either. The serum has aloe vera in it that soothes and restores the skin’s balance. Like the Clinique moisturizer it feels smooth on the skin and helps with any dry spots. I don’t wear a serum on a humid summer day but generally I use it every day. I’ve tried several other great serums but for the price and quality, you can’t beat this Boots serum.

What are some of your Holy Grail products?