How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup BrushesToday I’m sharing my simple and easy way on how to clean your makeup brushes. I don’t wash my brushes very often and I know that that’s not good. Time somehow gets away from me and it’s simply a task I don’t like doing. But I mean, who does?

Have a Makeup Brush Cleanser Ready

First things first, you need a makeup brush cleanser. They are specially formulated to remove all the dried up makeup from your brushes while also being good for your skin and not ruining the hair bristles. If you don’t have one handy or don’t want to purchase a separate cleanser, you can also use a mild facial cleanser, my personal favorite is the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. Another great option is using a mild shampoo, preferably a baby shampoo.

Washing The Brushes

I start by putting a brush under water facing downwards so that no water goes up the wand. If you let water travel up the wand it can ruin the hair bristles and let them come undone. That would be no good!

Once the brush is soaked I put a little bit of the cleanser in the palm of my hand and rub the brush in circular motions through it. You’ll immediately start to see the makeup come out of the brush. I bet you’ll be surprised how much build up there can be in a brush! It always reminds me that I need to clean my brushes more often than I currently do…oops!

I then run the brush under water again to see how much product there is left to clean out. I repeat the process of putting a little bit of brush cleanser in my hand and circling my brush through it.

The key here is to gently open up the hair bristles to see how far the makeup has gotten up into the brush. Especially with bigger brushes (foundation and powder brushes) the makeup can really hide in there and you softly but firmly have to press the brush down into the palm of your hand to get the cleanser up in there.

Let The Drying Process Begin

After I’ve finished cleaning my brushes and have thoroughly rinsed them I lay them out flat on a clean towel. I let them sit there for about five minutes and then gently press out some of the excess water into the towel.

Now comes the part where you think I’m crazy. I then wrap up each individual makeup brush in a thin layer of face tissue (or toilet paper) and put tape around it to hold it’s shape. I wrap it around as tightly as possible and have found that it holds up the form of my brushes beautifully.

I never end up keeping the plastic brush top holders that the brushes come with when you first purchase them. With this method you still keep the form of your makeup brushes AND the tissue will absorb any excess water.

I like cleaning my brushes at night because I can have them dry overnight and be ready the next morning. How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you have a favorite brush cleanser that you swear by?