How To Find Inspiration

As I’m writing this I’m sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, hoping that it will fuel my creative juices into a super awesome blog post. But in all seriousness, inspiration is something everyone struggles with. No matter what you do in life, inspiration propels you forward because it allows you dream and come up with new ideas. Whether it’s coming up with new recipes to cook each night, what content to create for your blog or a finding a different approach to a work project. It’s the one step before the brainstorming part. So the big question is how do you find inspiration? Where do you turn for inspiration so that it gets your creatives juices going? Allow me to share my tips on how to find inspiration:

Make a list of people / things you admire – for whatever reason it may be. I have a list of people I turn to when my creative tank feels empty. I don’t try to copy them (that ain’t good) but instead I ask myself why I’m attracted to them. How can I implement the feeling that they’re giving me into my own work/life. Maybe a certain painting inspires you every time you look at it, or a song lifts your mood every time you listen to it. Why is that? Try and find inspiration from your answer and see where it leads you.

Read books and magazines. I find most of my inspiration from reading inspirational books and thoughtful magazines. Magazines are great because they cover a wide range of subjects and expose me to topics that I wouldn’t have read if they weren’t featured in that issue. I also have some books that I’ve read twice (yes, that’s a thing) because I know I’ll pick up something I didn’t see the last time or get a refresher on things I’ve forgotten. Greg has gotten into a great habit of typing up short summaries after each book he reads with all of the things he highlighted while reading. I’ve come to find them super useful because they gives me a brief overview of all my favorite parts of the book and are a great source of inspiration. Check out my must read books here.

Get out of the house. I find a lot of inspiration as soon as I leave my house and am sitting between strangers at a coffee shop. I suddenly start typing up a storm on my laptop because I’m surrounded by people doing the same thing. For all I know they’re solving climate change so I might as well get to the things I’ve procrastinated on. It’s the least I can do. Go meet a friend for drinks, walk your dog, just leave your house. Fresh air and other people’s energies will give you inspiration.

Work out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come up with a great idea while running on the treadmill. Exhausting myself physically gives me so much mental energy and strength. It gives me that kick I needed to take on things that have been on my mind and I instantly feel better about them.

Journal. This year I’ve discovered the beauty of journaling. I write down all of my thoughts in the morning and see where it leads me. It’s been a real game changer to see my thoughts written down on paper because it gives me a visual on what’s going on in my brain. I reflect upon what I wrote down and think of ways I can take action that same day or week.

Those are my top five tips on how to find inspiration! Let me know if you’ll give any of these tips a try and let’s discuss them on my Facebook page!