5 Tips To Plan your City Trips

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My first vacation of the year is approaching so I thought I’d share my tips to plan our city trips. Seeing as Greg and I both studied hospitality in college, we very much enjoy researching and finding the best things to do, eat and of course, sleep!

5 Tips to Plan your City Trips

Trip Advisor

This seems like an obvious resource but we literally use it for every trip we go on. From what the best valued hotels are to looking at other guests photos and reviews. Greg usually takes charge of what hotel we stay at so we love using Trip Advisor to see what’s available and in our price range. It’s also a great resource to see what activities to consider in a city. They do a great job educating you on different monuments to see and the reviews and photos help us decide if it’s for us.


I have a saved “travel” folder in my Instagram account where I save restaurants, coffee shops and city activities to. Every time I see a photo in my feed of someone traveling in a city I want to go to, and it looks appealing, I save it for reference. Case in point when we went to Amsterdam last year, I looked at Amsterdam blogger instagram feeds to see if they had tagged yummy restaurants in the city and then looked those menus up online.


Surprise surprise, I love watching travel vlogs! It’s the best way to get a feel for the city before even getting there. For Amsterdam I watched a few travel vlogs and saw where people went and how it looked like! It gave me great ideas on what museums I’d want to go to and what restaurants looked fun to try.


Can’t forget those, right? If I know one of my blogger friends has written a city guide on the place I’m visiting, I will check it out to see what they did! Travel blog posts give you great insight into itinerary planning, how to get places and the best spots for food and shopping.

Of course there’s also trusty Google to help you plan your city trip and gather ideas. But as a bona fide millennial, I like to go off recommendations from other people I follow online. I follow other bloggers because their style resonates with me so chances are, I’m going to like some of their travel recommendations too.

Putting it all together

Once I’ve gathered a list of restaurants, museums and activities we want to do, I look into potential reservations and ticket purchases. Amsterdam is again a great example for this as the Anne Frank museum sells out weeks in advance so booking those tickets ahead of time was crucial. And for our upcoming trip this month I’ve already made two dinner reservations and got us tickets to a candle making workshop.

It’s also important to leave some free time in the itinerary to wander and find spots on your own. I like to have a few spots that I know I want to eat at but then it’s also fun to go out and see where the day – and the whole city – takes you!

What about you? How do you plan your city trips? Let me know in a comment below!