It’s Never Too Late For A Vision Board

Vision Board - - @viciloves1

Last weekend I finally made good use of the piled up magazines in my office and started my 2019 vision board. The idea is to rip out anything that speaks to you – whether it’s inspiring, motivational or simply a pretty image – and combine them on a piece of cardboard. I hadn’t done something like this in ages and I forgot how fun it is to get your arts & crafts muscles going.

After cutting and pasting several images and quotes together, you begin to see a common thread through your vision board. Through grouping certain pieces together you get an idea of what you really want to achieve for the year, or what you’re striving to be.

I’m not done yet with my 2019 vision board but I’m really happy with my initial effort. It showed me what I want to work towards, both professionally and personally, and gives me something to look at every day when I’m in my office. I imagine I’ll never be completely “done” with it as I’ll always want to add something new to it.

Have you made a vision board before? If not, it might be time to set aside 2-3 hours this weekend and get crackin’ on what you envision for yourself!