What I Bought For Our Kitchen

When Greg and I first bought our house, I was very excited to introduce more home content on my blog. I’d never felt in the right position to do that before because our rented homes always seemed like an in between situation for me. So far I’ve shared what I want to do to our house this year. But today’s post is a little more nitty gritty, kitchen product essentials – focused. I love seeing what other people use and love in their homes so I hope this is useful to you!

Over the years of living together Greg and I have accumulated almost everything we need in our kitchen. When we first moved in together, we bought many items from Ikea. Adding in the things we received from our wedding registry and we found ourselves with a good kitchen setup. I’m planning to write a separate post on what great items we had on our wedding registry in a future post – stay tuned!

Now a few years later, there was one thing in particular that drove me crazy for a long time. And that is our kitchen towel collection. Some of them I bought in Zurich, right before moving to the US in 2013 (!), while the other half were miss matched towels that while pretty, didn’t really do a good job at soaking up water. Yes they look nice but they’re simply impractical!

So my quest for the perfect kitchen towels began. I read way too many online reviews and after months of research (…), I landed on Williams Sonoma. I picked up these white/grey striped kitchen towels and am very happy with them. They’re soft, large and do a great job drying the dishes. I will say that I agree with other reviews that the tag is too long. When I read the reviews about it, I figured people were being dramatic. It’s just a tag after all. But it is huge. I’m planning to cut it off and have that problem solved. I have also read great reviews about this towel set and these bar towels and want to get both of them next. But since they each come in sets of 4, I don’t need that many new dish towels in our house. One step at a time.

Kitchen Product Essentials - www.viciloves.com - @viciloves1

The next item I upgraded is our cutting board. Oh my how I should have done this years ago. We’d been using cheap Ikea cutting boards and while functional, they were so small and flimsy. I got this antibacterial cutting board and LOVE it. It’s a really nice size that fits a lot of chopped up veggies and can be used double sided. I like that it’s dishwasher friendly and easy to clean. Eventually I’d like to get a wood cutting board but for right now, the price and quality of this cutting board can’t be beat.

The last things I bought for our kitchen are these food storage containers. We’d had decent ones but some recently broke and we needed more for leftovers and lunches. I’m a a fan of the OXO brand as I’ve got a few items from them and decided to give these ones a try. I like that they are oven, freezer and microwave proof. They have a really tight seal and make it so nothing spills during transport.

As we (technically) have everything we need, I’m very particular about what I bring new into the house. I tend to do a lot of research before deciding to upgrade or adding in a new piece. Next on my list is a food processor. We’ve never had one in our kitchen and I’ve got lots of recipes that I can’t wait to try. On that note, I also don’t have an immersion blender and I think that would make my soup life so much easier.  Do you have any kitchen product essentials?

Kitchen Product Essentials