Going Organic With Lavera Naturkosmetik

Lavera NaturkosmetikI LOVE trying out new skincare products. Anything that promises to hydrate and moisturize my dry / sensitive skin will find it’s place eventually in my shopping basket. While I’ve tried out a million different lotions, creams and serums, I’ve never given any attention to organic skincare products. While I was in Germany I thought I’d give the Lavera Naturkosmetik (natural cosmetics) line a chance and see how I felt about using organic skincare products.

I read in a German magazine that over 60% of the women in Germany are consciously using at least one organic beauty product in their day to day life. It then comes as no surprise that the Lavera brand is manufactured in Germany with all natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty free ingredients.

I picked up the organic Wild Rose & Green Tea Smoothing Gel along with the organic Wild Rose & Macademia Nut 24H Moisturizing Cream. They’re free from any silicones, paraffins, mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, …the list really goes on and on.

Lavera NaturkosmetikThe wild rose extract moisturizes and regenerates the skin while the organic green tea both lifts and calms the skin. I’ve been using both products as part of my morning routine for the past three weeks and am completely in love with them. The eye gel feels very refreshing and is the perfect daytime eye cream. The face cream is so moisturizing that I don’t even need to wear a serum under it like I normally do.

Not only can I tell how great the products feel on my skin, I think it’s also a mental thing knowing I’m using all natural ingredients on my face. I like the idea of using plant based, organic products – especially considering how sensitive my skin is. I’m inclined to try further organic skincare products and see how they’ll affect my skin going into the colder months.

Going organic with certain skincare products is something to consider if you have troubled skin, no matter if it’s dry, sensitive, oily, etc. Trying an all organic skincare brand may calm down any problems that you have as the ingredients are way less harsh than most of the stuff on the market. I deal with eczema problems so the less crazy ingredients a product has the better!

The Lavera Naturkosmetik line is availabe in the US through the TrueNatural web shop and has both makeup and skin products. Do you use organic beauty products in your daily routine? Does it also make you feel better using all natural ingredients on your skin?