Looking back on 2016

With the excitement of a new year comes also the time to reflect upon the year that just ended: 2016. It certainly didn’t start out the way I thought it would but looking back on 2016, there were quite a few memorable moments.


We had just moved into our new (rented) home, when the house repairs just wouldn’t stop. Plumbing, electric, appliance and even flooding issues… There were too many to count and while it was (super) frustrating, I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of a house. It fueled both Greg and I’s intentions to buy our own home and not be at the mercy of a landlord who simply does not care. Our dog Daisy also had quite a few medical emergencies as she developed cataracts in her eyes and shortly after we had that surgery done, she tore her right ACL. For a few weeks my days were filled with driving her between doctors appointments and getting her the treatments and medication she needed.

I also traveled A LOT. I was really proud of myself for traveling to Create + Cultivate Dallas in January with a broken foot and limping through the whole weekend adventure. I traveled to California three times, including a trip to LA where I rented a car and an Air BnB all by myself and got the opportunity to attend Create + Cultivate Downtown LA. Traveling alone felt liberating as I hadn’t done it in a few years and it felt good to find myself a little bit more. I made lists of exercise classes I wanted to take, restaurants and local shops I wanted to check out and friends I wanted to see. My trip to San Francisco was booked on a complete whim, about a week out, and it felt amazing to be back in that city. I hadn’t been to LA or San Francisco alone before and it was great to do the things I wanted to do without taking anybody else into account.

The highlight of the year was going to Australia with Greg and finally getting to explore a country we had heard so much about. I’ve been meaning to share more of the trip on the blog but when there’s so many photos it quickly gets overwhelming. We reunited with so many friends, attended a beautiful and loving wedding and enjoyed every minute of Australian hospitality. You can read more about our trip here, here and here.

In November I took a quick trip home to Zurich as I hadn’t been back since I got married in July 2014. Seeing my family and friends was incredible and I cherished catching up with everyone while eating myself through the city. I rented another Air BnB by myself and had the best time going to the local grocery store and eating my favorite foods that I grew up with.

Reading has always been a big part of my life and I finally got back into the rhythm of reading books consistently. I stayed on top of the books I still wanted to read, added names to my amazon wish list every time I heard of an interesting plot and enjoyed delving into the world of imagination and inspiration.


Filled with good intentions to up my running game, I went for a run on January 4th and ended up breaking my foot. While I was (very) upset about it, I was happy I didn’t need surgery and simply had to rest my foot on the couch for 2 months – during a time of year when nothing really happens anyways. I think it fueled my drive to get in shape even more for the rest of the year. When I got the okay to exercise again (but not run), I first started cycling and felt like jello after each class. It gave me the cardio I needed without putting a strain on my foot. Pilates was a constant throughout the entire year as it helped strengthen my muscles. The barre exercises helped me rebuild my foot and calf muscles and I could notice a difference when I hadn’t gone in a while.

In May I took my first pilates megaformer class at a studio in LA and boy was that the place to take it. I had never been pushed to complete and utter fatigue more than with this machine. I also took a Body by Simone dance class which was So. Much. Fun. It was fast paced and really difficult but the energy and high it gave me was unbelievable. I’ve loved dancing ever since I was a little girl and it’s something I want to continue to explore in 2017.

When I got back from LA I started solidcore and after each workout I could feel myself getting stronger. It made such a difference in my body but at the same time it’s also an expensive workout to keep. I did a few more cycling classes and towards the middle of the year I started to go on a few runs again. 2016 was my fittest year yet, even with an injury right at the beginning.


I finally uploaded my first Youtube video and I’m proud for putting myself out there, even when things weren’t (and aren’t) perfect. I didn’t upload consistently but at least I did a few videos and didn’t stop. I call that a win. This year I’m amping the videos up a notch and I hope to see you there!

Growing my blog stats and social media numbers was a big goal – and continues to be – but I’ve realized that I don’t want to be attached to my phone constantly. I reached my blog stats goal for 2016 – yay! – and with my social media goal I had to realize that I would rather stay true to myself than be sucked into the numbers game. I found myself trying so hard to grow that I just had to let it go. I trust that it will happen organically with the content I’m producing and the determination I put forth. I also gained traction with branded content and appreciated every single bit of your feedback and support along the way. THANK YOU for that. None of this would be possible without you.

It’s been a good year filled with lots of growth and a fun one to look back on. What were some of your highlights of 2016? I’d love to hear about them!