Do You Hair Mask?

hair mask

Because you totally should. I used a hair mask this past week again after not doing it for a few months and BOY does my hair feel amazing. I’ve been wanting to make a hair appointment for the longest time but I keep dragging it out for some reason (I’m busy, okay?). A hair mask makes my strands come back to life so that it’s a bit more manageable. As a girl with naturally curly hair, frizz is not my friend. Never has and never will be.

I’m currently writing this post on day four after the hair mask and I can still smell the scent in my hair. How amazing is that?! My all time favorite hair mask is the Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze. I started using it while in college and have gone through several tubs of it since. In general I love the Lush products because they’re all handmade with some of the best ingredients out there. Knowing that I’m putting this handmade ‘potion’ on my hair is half the battle in my opinion.

When I go to the hairdresser I expect nothing short of a miracle. I want it to feel smooth and silky, no frizz and a perfect blow out. Not to much to ask for, right?

However I only get my hair cut so often and I’m really trying to keep my hair healthy in between cuts. The best thing that gives me that hair salon feeling at home is using a luxurious hair mask. Luxurious doesn’t always equal expensive. There are some great hair masks from the drugstore like this one or this one.

A hair mask addresses any issues that you have and deep conditions it too. Now that I’ve realized again how much I love using hair masks I have to make another trip to Lush and pick up some more. So the question for you is: Do you hair mask? Or do you have a reliable conditioner that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!