March Beauty Favorites.

March Beauty Favorites

March Beauty Favorites

March has finally shown signs of spring: warmer weather, no snow (!) and plenty of sunshine. All of those things make it exciting to rediscover different makeup products and going for a easier, lighter look. I’m in love with my current skincare routine as my face has been recovering from a very stubborn blemish situation. Other than that I’ve only had a few March beauty favorites as I’m still using a lot of the same products I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

YSL VoluptĂ© Tint-In-Oil Lipgloss: Itttt’s baaaack! I took it out of my makeup stach as spring is well underway and that only calls for my favorite lipgloss to reappear. The oil like consistency makes this product super moisturizing on your lips and once the gloss has faded it leaves you with a natural tinted lip. Pure perfection if you ask me…

Essence Lash & Brow Mascara: Yes you can use this also as a mascara gel but I purely use it to set my eyebrows. I love the brush head and the consistency of the gel. It doesn’t make my brows stick together or get all crunchy like other brow gels sometimes do. And have I told you the price on this yet? $2.99!! I can’t even….If you’re in the market for a great brow gel, this is your new best friend.

Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow: Oh how I wish Max Factor was available in the States – it’s killing me! This product is a liquid eyeshadow that dries once you’ve applied on to your lids. I simply take the applicator, cover my lid with the product and then use a fluffy blending brush to blend it all out. Super easy and the color payoff is stunning. I like easy one product eye looks and this is right up my alley. I have the shade COFFEE and I like the brown metallic look as goes with pretty much everything and is universally flattering.

Dior Nail Glow: I honestly love this product purely for the fact that I’m lazy with my nails and don’t feel like doing a manicure every week. I swipe two coats of this on my nails and they give me a natural pink tint without looking fake. It’s my go-to anytime I’m lost to do with my nails because a natural nail look is always in style ;-)

Catrice Camouflage Cream: I had some super stubborn blemishes that left a lovely shadow behind on my face – yay! I’ve been dotting some of this cream on to those areas as it’s a heavy duty concealer that won’t go anywhere. It’s very thick so I only use a tiny bit and make sure my face is nice and hydrated. Otherwise I run into having a little cakey situation and my face looking way too dried out – no bueno!

Those were all of the products that stood out to me in my March beauty favorites! What items did you gravitate towards this month? Did you also rediscover some old favorites?