My Favorite Creative Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Side Hustlers

Creative Podcasts For Entrepreneurs And Side Hustlers - - @viciloves1

Whether you’re working for yourself or trying to make that side hustle a full time hustle, being surrounded by positivity and motivating stories is key. Enter my addiction to creative podcasts. Listening to people’s stories and learning about their fails and success has opened my mind and given me countless tips on how to improve myself and my business.

I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with like minded people. Listening to podcasts is like you’re all sitting at a table together and casually chatting about a topic. You can listen to them while you’re waiting at the doctors office, on your commute to work or just sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

The Influencer Podcast

At first I was hesitant to listen to this as the name didn’t really resonate with me. But Julie Solomon gives so many great pieces of advice and her guests are top notch. I’ve been binge – listening (is that a thing?!) to her episodes and it is SO AMAZING. It is mainly geared towards bloggers but I think any freelancer or creative person would love this podcast.

Goal Digger Podcast

I mentioned this in my last post but I simply love listening to Jenna Kutcher. Her relatable personality makes this a fun podcast to listen to and she has such a great way about sharing useful information. She originally started out as a wedding photographer, has since then grown a very successful brand and now shares all her wisdom in this podcast.

Down The Foxhole

To throw in a local podcast, these two ladies Casey and Erin keep it REAL. They talk about growing your business, following your dreams and the ultimate goal: living your best life. Not only do you feel like you’re drinking a glass of wine with them, they share great tidbits on how they manage their business and I personally enjoy their live mentoring episodes.

Beauty And The Vlog

If you’re into Youtube, this Podcast is GREAT. There are a ton of episodes on how to navigate the platform and everything that is Youtube. Its not just beauty focused so it really applies to anyone in the lifestyle space trying to either start or grow their channel.

How I Built This

This was the first podcast I really got addicted to because you learn so many interesting stories. CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs come on each episode, explaining how they built their business from scratch. From Starbucks to Home Depot and Crate And Barrel, each episode takes you on an interesting journey. They’ve all left me surprised as to how they got started and are a great reminder to keep at it.

Two New Podcasts In My Library

Creative Empire Podcast and Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday are both on my list of what to listen to next. I’ve heard great things from both and have listened to 1 or 2 episodes so far. I first want to catch up on the above mentioned podcasts but I’m excited to give these a go soon.

Those are all of my creative podcasts that I’ve been listening to on most days. Whether I’m editing photos, taking Daisy for a walk or driving around town, I’m listening to a podcast. I can’t recommend it enough! Please let me know what podcasts you’re enjoying because my list definitely has room to grow!