My First Megaformer Experience

My First Megaformer Experience 4

My First Megaformer Experience

My First Megaformer Experience

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There’s no better place than Los Angeles to try out a new fitness class and since I wanted to keep active while traveling I decided to have my first megaformer experience earlier this month. Now what exactly is a MEGAFORMER? Well, it’s an intense version of a Pilates reformer with more stuff on it to torture exercise you.

I’d never used a reformer before and was really excited to see how challenging it is. I knew that my first experience would be tough and didn’t want to put too much pressure on getting every move right from the beginning. All I did was go in with an open mind and hope for the best. But seriously.

The megaformer has a so called carriage that’s the middle part that moves back and forth. We started out by doing several plank related exercises where you have your feet at one end of the megaformer and your arms on the carriage. You try to – emphasis on try to – slide with your whole body into a plank and then contract your abs so you bring the carriage back towards your feet.

I was scared of falling in between the cracks of the carriage – I’m so proud I didn’t by the way – and it was so freaking hard! I mean I know it was going to be hard but still! We also did this other exercise where you’re standing sideways at the end of the megaformer with one leg on the carriage while the other is on “land”. We then moved the carriage with the weight handles back and forth to target the inner thighs…Definitely felt THAT the next few days. Did I mention that you can add or subtract weights – aka resistance –  to the carriage so it’s harder to slide back and forth? Yeah, it’s fun.

But in all seriousness I really enjoyed it. I love workouts that challenge me beyond my breaking point and highlight areas that I’m weak in. It pushes and excites me to go back and get better at it. It’s the worst to get into a rut with your fitness routine. It gets boring, doesn’t feel fun anymore and then you start resenting it. The megaformer was one unbelievable workout and we will meet again later this month when I try out solidcore.  I’ll report back on any new findings…

Have you tried a Pilates reformer or megaformer? Is it part of your fitness routine or are you not a fan?