My Goals For Fall

My Goals For FallI’ve never been a big fan of new years eve. I hate the big hype around it and then when it actually comes around, I’m like: That’s it?? I feel much more passionate about the fall: The change in season and seeing the leaves turn color, the sweater weather, the coziness of drinking hot apple cider while watching an HBO show – ahh it warms my heart just thinking about that! As today is the first day of fall I wanted to kick it off with setting a few goals and participating in the B Bar Blog Linkup.

The List

Keep up my workout routine: As soon as the summer ends it tends to go downhill with my exercise regiment. You better believe I’ll be eating all the pumpkin pie and cranberry jelly I can find – BUT! I do want to need to continue to stay strong and active – even if it’s too cold to go outside… I. MUST. WORK. OUT.

Budget: The fall is EXPENSIVE. From the pumpkin related activities, social gatherings to halloween and fall festivals, it can be overwhelming on my wallet. That’s why I want to list out all of my expenses at the beginning of each month and have a good understanding of what I get to spend on the fun stuff – I’m looking at you Sephora and EVERYTHING ZARA!

Blog, blog, and blog: So far I’ve been consistent with posting twice a week and want to keep it that way until my one year mark in March of next year. However my goal is to post three times a week here and there this upcoming season. That way I can see how well I’m able to manage it while also trying (emphasis on trying) to have a life. I have a plethora of ideas swimming around in my head and I’m excited to bring them to life!

Photography Skills: I didn’t have a professional camera when I started my blog back in March. Now looking back on my first few posts I cringe looking at the composition, color balance and overall lack of crispness in the pictures. But like with anything, this has been a big huge learning experience. I upgraded to a DSLR and am finally getting to feel more comfortable with all the settings that it has to offer. My goal is to flesh out my photography aesthetic further and get better at composition and the big mama jama: PHOTOSHOP. Taking it one blog post at a time….

With any goals that I set, I try to keep them simple and not overwhelm myself with too many. I’d rather have four goals and accomplish all of them than have ten and only get one done. It’s funny how you can tell that the whole world around you is energized and ready to take on any challenges after a good summer vacation. It motivates me to do the same and tackle anything that stands in my way. The creative juices come pouring out of me with a sense of determination and excitement to enjoy the upcoming months. Here’s to the comfortable and cozy season ahead!

What are your goals for fall? Do you feel recharged going into the new season or are you still hung up on summer? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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