My Sweet Daisy Rose

On January 27th, 2020 you went to rainbow bridge. A place where we will meet again and go to heaven together. I know you’re having the best time chasing squirrels and barking to show who’s the boss. And of course, eating all the peanut butter.

Saying goodbye

We had the most magical last days with you. On Sunday we took you to our first apartment together. You loved running around in squirrel alley and I’ll never forget the feeling of bringing you home.
We visited the house we rented after and the big park you’d always pull me to. We relived so many incredible memories there. We also took you to Del Ray and visited the first park we ever took you too. That day where we gave you puppy ice cream for the first time and you licked it carefully.
The last few hours we spent doing what we did and loved most together. Watching TV in your favorite spot on the sofa and visiting the park near our house. Sometimes if you had a lot of energy we’d walk all the way there and you would be so happy and exhausted on the way home. You had the silliest smile.
We explored the park and you were so happy. You even started running a bit and I was so proud of you. I will cherish that special moment forever. You enjoyed your last treat with us, a pink princess cookie, obviously.
You looked so peaceful. We held your paw as you faded into sleep and whispered in your ear how much we love you. Saying goodbye to you, my sweet Daisy Rose, was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I miss you so much.

How you joined our family

I didn’t grow up with any pets and always wondered what it would be like to have a dog. When Greg showed me your sweet adoption profile on a late Friday night, I knew you were mine. You were going to be at an adoption event the very next morning and I was so excited to meet you.
I still remember like it was yesterday. We had shown up early and you weren’t even there yet! But as soon as I saw you hop out of your foster mom’s car, I was in love.
You were so shy and slow, because of a bad ear infection that we took care of later – and because you were a bit chubby. We spoke with your foster mom and she loved hearing that I worked from home.
We ended up taking you for a walk around the block and I felt so comfortable having you by my side. Greg and I stepped away for a few minutes and filled out the adoption application right after.
There had been another couple that showed interest in you that day. But the organization assured us that it wasn’t based on a “first application in” basis but on what’s best for you. My first dog mom instincts kicked in because I knew I was going to fight for you if it came to it.
All that happened Labor Day weekend of 2015. On Sunday we got the call that we could have you and Tuesday, September 8th, is when you became Daisy Rose Levitan.

My best friend

No amount of words can describe how much I love you. You were my first dog and I always joked with Greg that you were my firstborn. I mean, we did both have blond curls!! You were everything I wanted in a dog and so much more.
You were my best friend. My cuddle buddy who sneezed after a good stretch. You would jump up at me after I’d been working for a few hours because you were ready for your walk.
We’d have lunch and go on afternoon walks together. You loved those so much and would walk with your head held high through our neighborhood. Squirrels and birds would run away as soon as they saw you coming.
Everything about you was so damn cute. Your many facial expressions, your pink belly, your sweet blond curls, your little mohawk in the front. Your beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. Your cold and wet button nose. Those droopy lips that’d smush into the pillow. Your sassy butt and wiggly tail. Your paws that kept me warm when I’d hold them.
Coming home to you was the best. It wouldn’t matter if I was gone for hours or for 1 minute, you’d get so excited as soon as I walked through the door. You would jump up at me, start squealing and we’d get you a toy immediately to calm you down. Followed by lots of hugs and kisses.
You always made me smile. No matter how stressed, anxious or sad I was, you were always there for me. And I was always there for you, through the many eye – and leg surgeries and vet visits. I loved taking care of you, making sure you get the best medical attention and love through it all.
I’m so thankful that you were my Daisy Rose. You showed me unconditional love in a way I’d never experienced it before. You taught me patience because you were a stubborn – Miss Independent – lady. You acted tough towards others but deep down I knew you were a little scaredy-cat that didn’t know any better.
We also had so many silly moments together. We’d chase each other in the yard or you’d sit right on top of me on the sofa. You always wanted to be near me and I always wanted to be near you. We’d cuddle every morning in bed and you’d have the biggest sneeze attacks from rolling around.
My best naps were always the ones where I knew you were sleeping right next to me. You’d curl up into the cutest ball and would stretch out the more tired you were. I have countless videos of you snoring up a storm and they’re my favorite to watch.

Thank you

Thank you for having such a profound impact on my life. Thank you for teaching me what’s important. Thank you for being the best dog I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being the sunshine in my life and bringing me so much joy, love, and happiness.
Mommy loves you so much and I can’t wait to see you again.
PS: Here are all the silly nicknames we had for you:
– Mashed potato, sweet potato, muffin, muffin top, sweet pea, Lizzie Lizard (because of your tongue 😛), bunny and bun bun (you would hop through our yard when you’d see a bird 😂)
And here are some photos of us, in no particular order:
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan
Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan Daisy Rose Levitan
You’ll always be my little Miss Daisy.